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newest addition to my collection EHEHHEHEHEHE IM SO GIDDY ^_^_^_^_^ Maelstrom by HarlequinRomantics
too excited to edit out the dust pieces on the black cloth XD everyone I show it to is like “LOL YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO WEAR THIS”, BUT OHHH I WILL, JUST YOU WATCH

And here’s something I doodled up in 30 minutes last night. I just suddenly wanted to draw something like this and decided to use the opportunity to try painting without lines/sketch again. Line art is crucial to my style because it helps me attain the neat, crisp effect and well defined details that is important to my style, mostly because I don’t have enough defining shadows in my colouring and the dark colours of line art provides that. But at the same time line art takes way too much time and after I complete every picture, I have the urge to delete the line art because it really makes the difference between a drawing and  a painting. In the end I think I’m choosing between two effects, they both have their charms but I just happen to be able to do one much better than the other.
What do you prefer? Something with the effect like this picture / “Immortal” / “Caterpillar”, or the feel on most of the other pictures in the featured section of my site?