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Don’t ignore me

did you eat my pie
you ate my pie didn’t you
I know you ate my pie
are you listening
don’t ignore me

Just feel like drawing a lot of random crap this week! Though it’d probably help if I draw different characters from time to time LMFAO. I hope people don’t mind that all I ever feel like drawing these days is these two… This was probably the result of a comment I got about Blackbird being mad! She just clowns around all the time and rarely ever gets mad since she doesn’t really care about anything, even less so than Veloce, so I never draw her seriously . But she’s not very verbal when she does, usually expressing it through physical aggression rather than words. If I were to continue this scene she’d probably beat up Veloce or something… also I noticed that most of my old illustrations have this brown light to it, I think from my era of overlay-mode discovery, whereas nowadays I’m just like spamming this magenta/turqoise and cyan/biege combination now that I”ve discovered pin light lol. I’m so prone to abusing new things I figure out it’s horrible

and holy crap Anime North registration for artist alley was today, I thought I was SO PREPARED this year, have setup and EVERYTHING and I was all shaking nervous when it got close to the time, like I do before performances during freshman year. I sent my email 2 seconds after the designated time and felt good, THEN I WENT TO THE FORUM AND READ THAT EVERYONE ELSE SENT THEIRS ON THE SECOND OR 1 SECOND AFTER, AND THIS HORROR STORY OF SOME DUDE WHO SENT HIS MAIL 2 SECONDS TOO LATE LAST YEAR AND WENT INTO LOTTERY lasjdfals;dhkjg. I hope I don’t wake up to a lottery e-mail LOL;;;; I even got my friend to help me again this year and it would suck so much if I end up not being able to go ):

ending with Blackbird backstage