manga high

March 11, 2011 11:58 PM

I’m on a manga high this week, I had a huge urge to draw at the beginning of the week but couldn’t figure out what, in the end I realized I just wanted to storyboard/draft sequences… so I ended up drawing the next update early and then toned like 7 other pages lmfao. When did this sudden transition from illustrator to sequential artist take place? But ya all I got done this week are pages that I can’t show ):

As colour experiment #2, I took a panel and colourized it with a little more effort this time. I have to say while this looks really rough because I only gave it like 15 minutes (colours only, not the actual grey scale shading), the effect is incredibly natural to produce; I don’t have to arbitrarily pinpoint a colour that I think will work with the image, I just have to choose a few lights and let it interact with the existing colour. The layers I stacked on top of the b/w image in order are:

  • new layer (multiply mode), fill canvas with light brown (or whatever base colour that fits)
  • new layer (color mode) on, low opacity air brush and set down the colours of the design. I chose airbrush for subtle gradients in colours. I didn’t clean up edges with a solid brush because this is not a serious image.
  • new layers (try each mode out and see whichever looks nice, play around and stack them on top of each other), then airbrush lightly again random colours of the spectrum. you’ll notice some colours look like crap while others work nicely. you can remember which ones pair up well but always throw in something that stands out or is exotic to keep the image dynamic. for example I used some green on this picture here, and it works well even though you can’t really notice the green.
  • notes: mix up use of darkness and saturation when choosing these “interaction” colours, desaturated colours work just as well in these layermodes as flaring ones

After playing with this I almost want to colourize the whole 10 page extra story, but it’d add to the cost of the book and it doesn’t really do all that much in my opinion ): and this hazy effect definitely doesn’t work with the rest of Blackbird LOL

AND ONTO THE SADDEST NEWS OF THE WEEK (aside from Japan) I DIDN’T GET PICKED FOR ANIME NORTH’S LOTTERY TABLES THIS YEAR so I won’t have a table there this year. There is technically 2 more days to the design contest but I really don’t want to do it just for the table. I would lose a big chance to sell my books, but I do feel relieved that I won’t have to think about whether an illustration will sell well as a print or not for my upcoming CGs, because I’m soooo long overdue to paint I was getting pissed off just thinking about those things. Plus this is a good excuse for me to actually walk around the convention/artist alley for real because god knows if I get a table I’ll just be glued to it for 3 days like every other year lol ): still I’m soooooo sad because almost everyone I know who ended up in the lottery got in AND I FEEL SO LEFT OUT. It’s not even that I desperately want to sell stuff, it’s completely the kind of attitude where you must have that awesome toy that all your friends have LOLOL


  • Hell-o

    enjoy your break ><

  • I'm sorry to read you didn't make, but there's always people that decide not attend at last minute… who, knows. Maybe something will pop up~ Good luck with that!!

    OMG Vocruen <3 *fangirlscream* I'll never get enough of seeing him nor of telling you to draw him more D: The coloring looks so soft btw.

    The woman above is Veloce's mother?

  • I love the dreamy look of the BW portrait☆although I wonder who it is.
    The smooth sunsettish scheme of the painting is lovely….his upper arm still seems a bit short/small XD

    Unfortunate about the table, but one year of alley-attending wouldn't be so bad :D

    It'd be boring if strong characters won all the time☆

  • I don't know if you saw this on twitter, but AN has a list going for artists who want tables and would like to partner up with someone. Since I didn't get a table through the lottery or waiting list, I'm trying with that. I understand what you mean about being able to walk around and go where you want though. As much I want to sell my work there(and am still holding out hope for this year) one day I'd feel awful about not being able to enjoy the panels and other events with friends from out of town :(…

    As for the panels, the first one, I love the detail in her face and headdress and for the coloured one. It has this "washed out" look that's really pretty, the colour scheme sort of reminds me of a sunset.

    • yeah I saw it, I replied but maybe it didn't get through XD I never liked sharing tables, whether it's sharing out my table or mooching off someone else's, because I prefer having space as I take a lot of it, and I don't want my activities to interfere with the other artist and vice versa. 1 full table of space is usually good enough for that, half a table is pushing it though.

      I AN used to offer half tables, but since I guess that is impossible to do with the new lottery system they trashed it. The thread is a good idea for those who don't really need/want a full table because I'm sure that's the case for a lot of new artists.