Archive for March 16th, 2011


So all the artist alley talk made me want to draw my next piece with consideration to public reception, something I rarely do, and I’ve decided that I should do something that’s more on the soft and pretty side since those kind of prints sold well but the pieces I have that fit in that category are really old/not well done. Maybe I am disabled in this area or something because I tried for like 2 days and couldn’t draw up something decent that fits the category. Usually when I start on a new drawing without a clear image in mind, I draw a figure and let it grow/change on its own until I reach something I like. Sometimes the final image has nothing to do with what I had started with. In this case all of my attempts ended up as sad/angry pictures… LOL I DONT KNOW HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE BECAUSE I START THEM ALL WITH FLOWERS AND FLOWY DRESSES AND WAVY HAIR IN MIND ): I think I’m just going to give up and do what I do best

livestream from today; I failed for like 40 minutes and erased 2 shitty sketches before giving up the whole pretty drawing thing and worked on this abomination instead. click for fullview

and here are 2 of the failures from yesterday. Usually artists only post presentable pictures but I’ve always thought I should let people know the truth about my art, that not everything I do works out effortlessly and works out nicely. The second one was as happy as things got but it’s not very soft/pretty since it’s just going to be a mountain of books. the first one was just tragic LMAO I was drawing in disbelief that what was supposed to be a happy picture turned into a fucking cross over a grave.