March 16, 2011 7:58 PM

So all the artist alley talk made me want to draw my next piece with consideration to public reception, something I rarely do, and I’ve decided that I should do something that’s more on the soft and pretty side since those kind of prints sold well but the pieces I have that fit in that category are really old/not well done. Maybe I am disabled in this area or something because I tried for like 2 days and couldn’t draw up something decent that fits the category. Usually when I start on a new drawing without a clear image in mind, I draw a figure and let it grow/change on its own until I reach something I like. Sometimes the final image has nothing to do with what I had started with. In this case all of my attempts ended up as sad/angry pictures… LOL I DONT KNOW HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE BECAUSE I START THEM ALL WITH FLOWERS AND FLOWY DRESSES AND WAVY HAIR IN MIND ): I think I’m just going to give up and do what I do best

livestream from today; I failed for like 40 minutes and erased 2 shitty sketches before giving up the whole pretty drawing thing and worked on this abomination instead. click for fullview

and here are 2 of the failures from yesterday. Usually artists only post presentable pictures but I’ve always thought I should let people know the truth about my art, that not everything I do works out effortlessly and works out nicely. The second one was as happy as things got but it’s not very soft/pretty since it’s just going to be a mountain of books. the first one was just tragic LMAO I was drawing in disbelief that what was supposed to be a happy picture turned into a fucking cross over a grave.


  • I usually see V in moody/dark portraits; it's hard to imagine her in a bright/happy setting. Maybe she's more suited to the former, and consequently you end up drawing her that way despite the original intention. If you tried using another character, would it be easier? The book sketch seemed like a pleasant start even with the lack of softness and flowery scenery.

    I say that, but then I think of how you usually focus on the OCs you care most about, and among them, there probably aren't many flowery ones, are there?

    • There is some elegance in her character so I thought it wouldn't be that hard; I was basically trying to make a drawing like basilica, but apparently my artistic vocabulary is limited to flowers and swords XD

  • I love seeing artists' sketches!!
    Sometimes I enjoy looking at it more than the final work .__.;;;
    And I enjoyed watching you sketch in livestream yesterday!!

    I always draw with empty mind and just wait and see how picture turns out to be. But when I have something in mind I always fail in drawing it OTL

  • What Reafu said was pretty much what I wanted to say XD. And it was also the reason why I like your art as well.

    I thought the second picture was happy enough? I don't know; the sense of wonder is pretty enough to me.

    I think Vel has never been in a happy picture before…unless you count those sketches and celebration pics….*SHOT*

  • To be quite honest, one thing that really drew me to your work on dA over the years was the fact that it wasn't the usual super soft and dreamy looking stuff that a lot of people do. You have a knack for doing darker themes, but I understand the importance of experimenting and working outside one's area of expertise. I wish you good luck with the quest for soft and pretty art. Also, I just love it when artists post sketches showing the different ideas that go through before they settle on something.

  • Could definitely be worse. I can't draw anything with 'life' in it- I fail at drawing plants, animals, people- You name it. I'm fairly decent with inanimate objects though. LOL

  • Ruina

    Ohh, so these are the grave and book ones that you mentioned on your livestream. I think the one you made with the books can still turn out looking very soft and cozy. Might not be all pretty flowers, but still give off that comfy and pleasant feeling of the indoors. :)

    • hmmm that's true, I was thinking about a very dim lighting at first so I was like this is going to be hard ):…… LOL

  • I appreciate your honesty so much Shilin, as a fellow artist, well below your level of talent, it's so encouraging to hear you don't always get it right the first time. But believe me when you do, you do a fantastic job!
    I have always thought your pieces are lovely, soft and pretty (especially with your colouring and flow within your works). So whatever you do I'm sure they will be your wonderful master pieces, keep up the great work!


    • thank you and I'm glad XD a lot of people think I'm skilled but in reality I just spend a lot of time haha