March 19, 2011 2:18 AM

layer spamming makes rough colours sooo quick and hassle-free LOL :D I don’t feel inclined to over-detail at this stage of colouring (which does no good anyway) and it sets down a nice and consistent palette for me to eyedrop when I move onto details. I’ll probably forget how to pick colours without layer modes in a few months HAHAH. or maybe I’ll actually pick colours better because I’ll get used to seeing how colours interact with one another?

sketching on computer gives me more freedom to change things around, but I can’t make it as neat and detailed as my pencil sketches. in fact my computer sketches are all crude and gross because I don’t want to waste time fixing anything at this stage lol ): hopefully the final products won’t suffer! I was trying to compare my computer scraps vs scanned sketches that I coloured in the past, but I noticed I didn’t do very many of them LMAO. probably because they take so damn long with my old method.


This last one almost made it to my nice and pretty picture goal, but I just had to change hanging stars into bird cages and ruin it for myself SIGHHHH. I kind of want to CG them both but I don’t think filling my entire convention table with Veloce prints is a sound business strategy, so I’ll probably change the 2nd picture into someone else… maybe… lol ): I do feel rather motivated lately to work towards a blackbird/veloce artbook sometime in the distant future though, because I enjoy drawing them–together or separate–very much. I remember years ago my young ambitious self wanted to make a Blackbird (story) artbook. I had planned out the content so that most characters get balanced features to justify the book’s content, but then I asked myself, do I really give enough of a shit about these other characters to paint extravagant illustrations for them? LOLsla;djfshdsgkldj

ending with a picture I drew when I was like 5 on my Grimm brothers book… I was a total sailor moon fag, I had stickers plastered all over my bedpost and stationery and bags and stuff. So this is like obviously sailor moon even though it says snow white on the castle in the back HAHA. And I wrote snow backwards but THAT’S OK I WAS 5


  • Lineith

    I didn't recognize Veloce in the second pic *fail* She looks so innocent. Really really beautiful!
    You HAVE to finish the first one! Looks gorgeous <3 … that outfit is quite… revealing, at least from that perspective lol

    That old drawing is so friggin cute!

  • xAurica

    for some odd reason, the 2nd pic reminds me of Weirin… idk why… is it just me? yeah? ok xD

  • The birdcage picture is really pretty and sad at the same time. I'm sure the end result will be gorgeous :D. You managed to get an AN table in the end or is this for another convention?

    • oh I just drew them with future conventions in mind, not actually for any specific upcoming conventions XD

  • BWUAHAHA, my chinese writting looks like yours of when you were 5…!!

  • It's cool to see V in a different setting than usual; I don't think you should change to another chara if you don't feel like it – this one is alright! Although that may be my bias speaking as I personally prefer darker-themed pictures.

    BB artbook = my purchase☆

    Your snowwhite made my day :D i'm loving those squiddy hands and wooden feet!!

    • it is a surprise to me, even though it shouldn't be, after my recent blog entries about trying to draw happy pictures to hear people tell me they're used to seeing broody art from me. I guess while I should be aware of this I also shouldn't push myself too hard to do foreign subjects that don't suit me if I really feel awkward about it lol

  • I love Vel's sketches!! especially the 2nd one >v<~
    First time seeing a picture of vel being happy, so nice!!!

    The last picture is AWESOME XDDDDD the left hand looks like a frog hand XD

    • Please don't change vel to another character ;^; (2nd sketch)
      If I could go to conventions I'd buy all your original illustrations!! I feel that original art express the artist more than fanart >.<
      But sadly I can never go and buy all those wonderful stuff ;^;

    • haha I meant other female charas of mine, so it'd still be original chara XD if I leave her my table would be effectively 50% veloce lolol

  • Veloce's new outfit is like… Sideboob galore LOLLLL;;

    But wow she looks so pretty in both! <3 The second pic reached a pretty happy and nice state imo :0 It's kinda weird seeing something like that from you because I've become to used to your other fierce/sad/angsty/badass drawings ahaha. Please keep going! *_*

    Man I'd totally dish out the money the moment you announce a BlackBird artbook. Seriously O;


    • YEAH MAN that is totally intentional, I'm not sure if I should be ashamed or not…

      I think the feet were the result of my not quite grasping the concept of inward pointing feet for moe factor LOL. and I'm not even going to try to figure out what's happening with the hands especially her right one skdlhgks