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March 28, 2011 12:09 AM


I had a really hard time choosing an additional background element to toss into the picture, flowers water or chains, but then I realized the reason why everything I draw is so cluttered is because I don’t know when to stop adding shit and it looks mighty busy as is lmfao. I was doing line art for this originally but like 3 hours afterwards, I realized the lineart looked like shit and I really didnt want to continue. So I scribbled the rest on loosely, filled it with red and just used it as guidelines for painting lmao. This takes SO MUCH LESS TIME than painstakingly outlining all the ornaments on her boots and hair and shit, but I think–and friends agree–that my lined style is the prettier of the two lol ): A HEFTY PRICE MUST BE PAID TO MAKE THINGS ALL PRETTY AND ANIMU… I’ll probably try to give the colours a wash when I’m done to try to lighten up the grudgy feeling that it has now.

I recorded most of the process here, although there is a gap between the second video and the WIP I posted above comprised of a lot of bodypart cutting/free transforming lolol. I was going to record the entire process from start to finish but I realized anything beyond this point would just be me blending like a nut, and it’s going to probably take like 5 more videos or something so MAYBE IT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA TO DO THAT LMAO.

Click through the video to view it in a bigger frame!
part 1:

part 2:

I also saw a touhou remix from a tumblr I follow and found this while looking for that song on youtube… I love the base figure this guy wrote for the intro part but I wish he did something about the melody’s accompaniment LOL… I wish I had time to to arrange it myself ): that and I wish he posted the midi instead of sheet music HAHA. THIS TOUHOU MUSIC BUSINESS IS GETTING TO ME


  • When my crappy phone (and some free wifi) will let me online, it's totally a treat to see your WIPs and such. I love seeing your work and reading your monologues. So, I have to take a moment to be annoying and ask "So when can I buy Blackbird?" ^O^! I've had daydreams about reading it on the bus ride to work.

    My fan-ness aside, whenever I see all of the ornamental detailing and accents on your work I just go, "Ungh… HOW does she sit and INK all of this? How does she not like, throw her tablet pen across the room in pure frustration?" It's freaking insane. Not to mention you do the soft painterly shading and coloring. I can just feel how daunting finishing a piece could be XD;. That alone is partly why I do mostly cel-shaded work. You're really consistent though and you seem to be producing a lot of work. Even if you have to come back to and finish later. Keep that up! I wish I still had your motivation. Feel like sharing?

    Oh hey, I have a… bit of cheating method I use that might be helpful when/if you do another pic with outlines. You know about the 'Load Selection' option under 'Select'? Do you block in your detailing with a flat brush (no opacity settings)? This won't work so well if you're laying down flat colors with a soft brush… But if you do, try and take that one step further and do all of your detailing really cleanly and on a separate layer. Once everything's blocked in, select that layer, go up to Select > Load Selection > and one of those adjustments boxes will open. Ignore everything in there and click 'OK'. PS will basically select ALL of what's on that layer. Now grab the polygonal or lasso tool, (weirdly enough the Magic Wand doesn't work for this) and 'right-click' and go down to 'Stroke'. Again a new box opens (you've probably used these options before) and now you decide what pixel thickness you want. There 'Inside', 'Center' and 'Outside'. Mess with them a bit to see which one works best. I use center and outside mostly. Hit "OK" and TADAH!

    Instant outline! Then you can delete the block-flats, or use them later as the actual flat layer for the color of that object. Go in and work on adding some line variation and detailing just the 'inside' of the now inked object if you want. This might add a bit of extra work (though it'll still take less time than inking everything) because it's just one massive line around whatever you had blocked in. BUT now you can just focus on all that interior good stuff. I use this to wing large backgrounds in my comic all the time! Try it for some smaller things to see if you like it! I hope this rant was helpful! <33

    • omg what someone as amazing as you are NOT allowed to fan ): your comment and the fact that you look at my stuff makes me soooo happy! I'm printing Blackbird this month so maybe next month XD when can I buy YOUR comic LOL. I'M SO BAD AT FOLLOWING NEWS ABOUT YOUR COMIC because I use RSS and I don't think you have one for FG ):

      and I totally do NOT produce a lot of work lmao, 1 DRAWING EVERY LIKE 3 MONTHS W2G ME. but I think it's because I do that, that whenever I do have time to sit down and draw something I want to draw, I'd be too blissful in the fact and forget how retardedly long I take to do everything HAHAHA. Thank you so much for the tip on ornamental lineart though, I never thought of doing that because it doesn't work well for large parts of the image, since blocking big areas precisely is hard, but for small things that does sound a lot better than cussing out my screen while ctrl+Z'ing like 50 times for a tiny swirl LOL

  • I just love looking at people's process videos and livestreams, always manage to pick up little tips and tricks that I want to try for my own cging. Now I've always been curious about the Touhou series and it's 12323494358345 female characters and hearing remixes like this just adds to my curiosity.

    • Actually I'm not that fond of most of touhou's designs, I do love reimu's though but I think that's about it LOL.

      And personally I don't learn much from videos I watch even though I love watching them because they make me feel like I learned something… then I pick up the tablet all excited and go like wait what did he do? clearly I'm not a very good learner LMAO

  • Aeorys

    OMG THIS GUY. His remixes are awesome.

  • Lineith

    Gorgeous to say the least. It's so intersting to see you work. I've learnt a lot that way. Keep it up!!

    • I thought it probably wasn't too informative because of the way I work, but I'm glad it was helpful XD