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Blackbird magica

Spoiler below! scroll down to skip the text and see art :D

I watched madoka magica with Sepia and it was so fucking ridiculous I’m glad I watched it with someone, otherwise it would’ve caused a helpless civilian to be spammed by me on msn or aim going like OMGLOLWTF. It’s so maihime I hope it doesn’t pull a maihime ending because that was really stupid for its good development. Sepia also pointed out how much of a low budget anime it is AND IT’S TRUE, all the recycled scenes and retarded art in general… I feel a little sad inside watching an anime with shitty art since my #1 requirement for anime/manga is eye candy LMAO.

I hate like everyone in the series, which is pretty normal for me lmao… for the grand total of three episodes Mami’s been around I kept expecting her to be a closet bad guy. Sayaka wouldn’t stop talking about Mami, and Madoka is retarded and is the reason why everyone is dead. Although it’s about a bunch of girls psyching out and getting karmabombed, it moved quickly and it was a good watch! The only logical people in the series is Homura and Kyubey, but Homura didn’t exactly choose the smartest solutions and Kyubey is fucked up overdosed on logic lmfao. Kyubey is like Aizen on crack adn without the narcissism… I think he’s like the creepiest anime character I can remember right now.

But I do love the ending song!

Onto Blackbird stuff:
Someone wanted to see Meron’s colours!

And more alt world bb lol, I bet if I came up with a story for it it would be more popular than current bb because it’d be set in a modern world ffffff. I’ve always hated how rough my scraps are, since I go at it with a rough mindset, so I decided to see if I could make them look marginally acceptable if I put in a little bit more effort. Clearly I have no self control because I ended up spending too much time on it and it’s practically a finished picture lol. well actually I don’t know how much time I spent on it because I drew it in between waiting for Sepia to watch madoka together, but I do know it’s too long for a scrap! I’ll probably (try to) simplify it next time. I do like doing cel shading for scraps because it’s easy and I can rely on layermode on everything! I’ll have to learn to pull back though because I’m still in the holy crap this is so cool must spam indiscriminately stage.

The rather straightforward process: