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Finished picture! Posted on ashen-ray gallery too ^^
I don’t like it anymore lol ): Sometimes I wish I don’t have short term memory or something (ok truthfully I wouldn’t wish for something like that) so the picture will remain fresh to my eyes. I think I’ll switch back to painting for my next original piece though, layerspamming cel pics are fun but the finished picture usually looks unfinished to me after I stare at it for a while lol.

lmao I just noticed that this thumbnail on my website looks exactly the same as the good bye pic of blackbird and veloce. CREATIVITY WHERE ARE YOU


I’m still trying to figure out how to make shipping cheaper, and it’s driving me insane now because oversize letter (the cheapest method that I’m aware of right now) has a weight limit of 500 grams. My proof book is 230 grams, and I wanted to be able to ship at least 2 books per shipment. with the lightest envelope I can find out there (which weighs 30-40 grams) I’m looking at like a 490-500 gram shipment LOL AND I DONT WANT TO END UP HAVING TO ARGUE WITH THE CLERK OVER A FEW GRAMS OF DIFFERENCE FOR LIKE $4 OF EXTRA SHIPPING PRICE. Seriously my dad was joking about how I should take all the preordered books with me to otakon and mail it there through usps and I was like hey, that sounds like a great idea! God I hope the actual books will defy logic and be lighter ): otherwise I’d have to blow dry all the books and mail them all on a very dry day to try to lower the books’ weight or something. Or pump helium into the envelopes I don’t know. And totally cutting out like 20 pages of the next book over this stupid bullshit lol

I have also been considering other types of publications, like artbooks. I’ve been counting the number of my art pieces I have right now that is presentable as an artbook. I’ve always wanted to make a reasonably thick book (ie about 100 pages), but shipping business is making me rethink this. I have about 30-35 that I am comfortable with compiling, so one of my goals for next year is probably going to be finishing about 20, maybe 30 illustrations and compile my first art book. I’ve always wanted to do themes, such as the collection dedicated to veloce and blackbird I’ve talked about before, but I realized I’ll ever finish enough illustrations to be picky about what I publish LOL. I’m also considering doing doujin-type mini side stories for blackbird, because I do have a lot of ideas for my characters in out of character settings. But then that’d be like drawing fanarts/writing fanfics for myself which is ridiculous LOL I need to think of ways to present it reasonably…

Something from last week that I haven’t posted here yet! Still not sure if I want to make it into a romantic picture or cute/silly picture with their XD faces going on

How to not get work done

I suddenly have so much to draw ): There are three projects that I had agreed to a while ago that sprung up now, and I also suddenly have this great ambition to put effort into making prints that might sell well at Otakon. I do intend to keep the prints as “anime” as possible though, so hopefully I can produce more over a shorter period of time! But in the mean time I thought there is no better time to draw up totally unrelated pieces instead of getting work done!

I drew her as a ball jointed doll here, and if I ever finish this picture (which I most likely won’t) the ballerina will be painted as a real person. The story is from the second movement of Ravel’s Sonatine. It’s the song of a music box slowly winding down, when it stop and you look into the ballerina’s eyes, and you realize that the soul of a person is trapped inside. I would give her the blank/insane look again which I think actually fits the storybetter, but whatever I’m not finishing this HAHA. I still need a name for her ): outside of RO context I don’t really like the name Aesprika lol, and I am totally not going to call her Shilin lmao

And omg ok huge fucking wall of text: WHY IS CANADA POST SO EXPENSIVE. Shipping to my own country is more expensive than usps shipping from USA to here. Erina’s doujin only cost $2 before taxes but my book will cost almost $4. And $7 to the USA. And almost $9 internationally… this costs almost as much as the book. And this is large letter rates. If someone orders multiples it will turn into a small parcel WHICH WILL COST EVEN MORE LOL after all I’ve done to keep the price of the book low and enticing, shipping ruins it for me.

I’m doing all the shipping preparations and ordering shipping supplies as I wait for an estimate of time the books will arrive, so I can pick a date to start taking preorders. I’m thinking about May 1, which lands nicely on an update day: sunday (also 6th launch anniversary! although I don’t know if anyone actually knows that because I never celebrate it). I’m expecting the books to get here by the end of May/beginning of June, but if the company manager that I’ve been working with tells me it will be later then I’ll have to push back the date some more ):

I’m also really scared about the books being printed incorrectly right now because this company outsources the printing (that’s why it’s so cheap and good at the same time) so the proof is not made by the same people who will be printing the book. Since the book is backwards, I had to save everything backwards. The proof printed flawlessly, but as I gave him the altered pages (dialogs) I noticed the blank page count at the beginning of the file (end of the book) is 2. The book ends on a two-page spread, with 1 physical page of blank paper at the end, so technically there should be 3 blank pages on the file. I asked him and he said he didn’t change anything on my file and printed it as is. I didn’t change it in the end because I could be fixing something that’s not broken, but I’m just praying so hard right now that everything will be ok and that I’m just overworrying LOL… MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF BOOKS PRINTED WRONG IS NOT FUNNY. I’m not sure I’ve worried about anything this much for a while, not even my surgery because it was free LMAO

fake BRS figurine

So recently I’ve acquired my 2nd figurine: the second BRS rock cannon version! I loved it to death when I saw the prototype, got disappointed when I saw it in colour but I still wanted it anyway! Even though I’m not crazy about the character design, I just couldn’t get over how awesome the pose is and that it stands. But as it turns out, since it was from ebay and it was cheap, it was fake. I could tell from the box and the face/floor painting, because I looked up so many images of it before. I was going to return it, but it would be a fuck ton of hassle plus I’d probably have to pay for shipping as penalty for being noob. The guy offered to refund me half the money and I could keep it, which would make the figurine dirt cheap; and from reading distance, it’d probably take someone who knows the char/the figurine to tell it was a fake. So I decided to keep it! now it’s on top of my shelf (lol safely away from close examination) next to mr bahamut, who is probably fake too lolol



I have no idea what’s going on with the chain piece, I couldn’t figure out how to assemble it correctly ):

Maybe one day when the BRS figure isn’t like fucking $200 I’ll get a real one, but for now I think I’m content with this $20 fake courtesy of people from the motherland

beat myself

The picture is technically finished! Like the sunset CG I’m going to save it for after I start taking preorders for the book to help with advertising ^^ but I’ve posted it in the gallery of this website already so you can see it there!

And I also took the livestream of the boots ornament on wednesday and edited it into video walk through :D livestreams are good for seeing individual brush strokes (and how slow I draw) but speed up videos are great for showing the overall process. I’ll probably avoid using livestream videos in the future though because I usually draw petty badly in streams, because I feel pressured to not pause and think too much, which is actually an integral part of my drawing process

I think this is as close as I can get to my pretty picture goal… I stopped before I start adding massive amount of details and depressing themes LOL. I started with Weirin but when I considered a sky texture for background, I thought the colours work with Veloce better. With interest to variety I’m pretty sure I should go with weirin but man, the pinks and lavenders LOL… Another problem is cyan doesn’t print, and I don’t know how to deal with that colour in terms of printing so I’ll most likely go with weirin. Which of the three do you prefer?

I mentioned this a few times to some friends but I don’t think I ever talked about it in public, even though it’s been a pretty big thing for me in the past few years–especially after I started going to conventions–but it’s been my goal to beat my old popular works for a while. I decided to write it here because I think it’s pretty absurd of me to do that and might be interesting to know. An artist improves and improvement sometimes means change, and and during change some old charm might be lost. Now that I’ve gone through 4 years of staggered experimenting with various styles/processes/procedures, I’m taking what I’ve learned and applying it to what people once liked best about my art. I didn’t expect this part to be this hard because I didn’t realize that some of the old charms of my art were thanks to my mistakes and lack of knowledge, and once you learn you can’t unlearn!

I really appreciate people enjoying my “basilica”, “too late” and “roxanne” pictures, both online and as a print in real life, but I don’t like the fact that they can be (incorrectly) seen as the apex of my career or the best I can do, because I can’t produce something with my improved skill that can defeat their popularity. It may be obvious that I’ve deliberately drawn things with this motive in mind and if not, this pretty picture thing I’ve been trying to do is an attempt to defeat myself at my roxanne picture. I understand that timing played a big role because those three pieces were all done during a time when I still actively posted, and deviantart didn’t destroy their fave system yet (I think), and now that they’ve got such surreal fame it’s even easier for people to spread it around. But even when I sold prints at conventions those three were the top three year after year. I’m so surprised that even after I finally did figure out why they were so popular, I could not come up with new pieces that work on the same concepts without them looking like a replica of those pieces. I’ll see at this year’s conventions to see if I finally succeeded!

And speaking of conventions, if by chance I win the AN contest and win a table, I don’t think my books will be here in time for the con ): is a little sad