faces of derp

April 8, 2011 4:10 AM

I’m having SUCH A BAD WEEK omg but I’ll leave it for the next post or when my boiling rage dies down a little, so I can summarize all the events concisely without exploding into a spray of words. for now pls enjoy sum  4am weird arts

what are you doing get out of that F16

wow this picture looks even more dull and dirt coloured next to that layerraped scrap up there LOL. her face piss me off so much I HATE DRAWING FACES AUGH… I need to go for much more anime mouth and nose if I want to keep faces anime. or start drawing doll faces yaaaaa

ya idk


  • Ahh that muffler is so cool I want one too!
    I love the sunny scrap up there☆!

  • Lineith

    Oh, we all have those weeks. At least Sunday is just around the corner. Two more days to go yay.

    Dunno how you pick your colors but that first pic is so colorful, bright and pretty at the same time… I'm drooling lol It would make a beautiful illustration.

    The faces you draw are the less anime like I've seen in the style (which makes it unique). The eyes are way smaller than the usual size, BUT the mouths need to be a bit bigger in some drawings to look real… if that's what you are going for… I think.

    Gurl, you've got style!

    Random question: What does the red string accessory mean/symbolize? I've seen them before in different parts…

    • yeah I'm thinking that about the mouth too, trying to work it out XD

      It's a knot that's made with 1 string, it's really common in asia and it probably symbolizes some combination of positive attributes like happiness / unity / prosperity / safety lmao… I HAVE NO IDEA I am a bad asian

    • Lineith

      Ahahaha OMG Dunno why your comment made me laugh so hard lol

      Well, at least I got to know something about it (which is already significant considering that for me it was a red… beautiful-asian-thing).

  • Finni

    lol shilin you're so tiny

  • I hope the coming weeks are better for you :(! I gotta tell you, from looking at your scraps and hearing you talking about different layer modes and colour overlay layers, has me experimenting with that sort of thing. It really does add some extra "life" to the artwork. I really like how that airplane pic came out and I think the Veloce one is really pretty, anime faces get tired after a while. Lastly where did you get the messenger bag :D?

  • wwwww

    HALLO I want to hear ranting and omg that is a cute outfit. when'd you get that scarf ):