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Blackbird previews!

So the proof copy arrived on friday! I was ecstatic and it feels so awesome in my hands since the quality is top notch on first impression. And then I opened the book and instantly closed it because I can’t stand looking at those pages LOL MY EYES BLEED AND MY HEART WEEPS… but I kind of have to check it over so I did a lot of staring with the book at my nose. The paper is great, printing is awesome, the roughness of the earlier pages show on paper really clearly but it’s hopefully forgivable! And the extra story which is drawn with my current  updates’ page setting printed a lot better, so I”m relieved to know the 2nd book would be even better LOL.

idc what I rename it I’ll call it Blackbird forever… or maybe until people start getting confused lmao. also veloce looks even more pissed off on paper

I took forever to find a page that is acceptable in my eyes to take this interior shot LOL. GOD my hate for my old works MAKE THIS BOOK SOUND SO BAD NOW NO ONE WILL BUY IT.


This will also be sold along with the books! No it’s not a charm of an amorphous black blob lmfao… the design will be shown when they’re sold (:

And I’ve settled my rage flame over the past few days by bitching at friends so I’m not going to spam here about it lmao. Times like this make me wish I used something private like LJ where I can explode and no one has to get hurt because of it LOL