How to not get work done

April 20, 2011 8:40 PM

I suddenly have so much to draw ): There are three projects that I had agreed to a while ago that sprung up now, and I also suddenly have this great ambition to put effort into making prints that might sell well at Otakon. I do intend to keep the prints as “anime” as possible though, so hopefully I can produce more over a shorter period of time! But in the mean time I thought there is no better time to draw up totally unrelated pieces instead of getting work done!

I drew her as a ball jointed doll here, and if I ever finish this picture (which I most likely won’t) the ballerina will be painted as a real person. The story is from the second movement of Ravel’s Sonatine. It’s the song of a music box slowly winding down, when it stop and you look into the ballerina’s eyes, and you realize that the soul of a person is trapped inside. I would give her the blank/insane look again which I think actually fits the storybetter, but whatever I’m not finishing this HAHA. I still need a name for her ): outside of RO context I don’t really like the name Aesprika lol, and I am totally not going to call her Shilin lmao

And omg ok huge fucking wall of text: WHY IS CANADA POST SO EXPENSIVE. Shipping to my own country is more expensive than usps shipping from USA to here. Erina’s doujin only cost $2 before taxes but my book will cost almost $4. And $7 to the USA. And almost $9 internationally… this costs almost as much as the book. And this is large letter rates. If someone orders multiples it will turn into a small parcel WHICH WILL COST EVEN MORE LOL after all I’ve done to keep the price of the book low and enticing, shipping ruins it for me.

I’m doing all the shipping preparations and ordering shipping supplies as I wait for an estimate of time the books will arrive, so I can pick a date to start taking preorders. I’m thinking about May 1, which lands nicely on an update day: sunday (also 6th launch anniversary! although I don’t know if anyone actually knows that because I never celebrate it). I’m expecting the books to get here by the end of May/beginning of June, but if the company manager that I’ve been working with tells me it will be later then I’ll have to push back the date some more ):

I’m also really scared about the books being printed incorrectly right now because this company outsources the printing (that’s why it’s so cheap and good at the same time) so the proof is not made by the same people who will be printing the book. Since the book is backwards, I had to save everything backwards. The proof printed flawlessly, but as I gave him the altered pages (dialogs) I noticed the blank page count at the beginning of the file (end of the book) is 2. The book ends on a two-page spread, with 1 physical page of blank paper at the end, so technically there should be 3 blank pages on the file. I asked him and he said he didn’t change anything on my file and printed it as is. I didn’t change it in the end because I could be fixing something that’s not broken, but I’m just praying so hard right now that everything will be ok and that I’m just overworrying LOL… MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF BOOKS PRINTED WRONG IS NOT FUNNY. I’m not sure I’ve worried about anything this much for a while, not even my surgery because it was free LMAO


  • Wooo just stumbled upon your blog Shilin! Really impressed with all the work you've been doing this year and how BB is coming! Putting inspiration in my bowl right here. Especially enjoying the atmosphere of your illustrations. And your blog posts and don't give a shit attitude warms my bitter heart. I've used small parcel shipping for the US which costs about $5, it's slow (about 2-3 weeks for delivery) and doesn't have tracking, but it's the cheapest for parcel shipping. Get a business account card with canada post and you can save something like 7% off the shipping price. It's free to register and you can get it at any canada post location. All the best with con season and I'll drop by to pick up some art at Otakon (If I'm not bound and gagged and sent back to canada by border patrol.) HURR DURR

    • whoa what's this business account business, I'm gonna look that up LOL. And really? my small parcel/large letter calculations at the post office and online with their (piece of shit) postage calculator all come out to be like at least $7.5 for the states ):

      be safe crossing the borders! seriously they need to stop mistaking art for crack

  • Good luck with all the work! You can do it!

    Are you doing this all alone? No younger siblings to help fill orders? LOL! Child labor… How many books did you order by the way?? I would think if you had do an edit, no matter how small, that they'd send another proof. Seriously, what happens if there's errors in all of them and it's not something you did? And lol, I got a response back about my quote. They were like "Um, we only do orders of a minimum of 1000 copies." >__>;;; Oooh.

    Hrm, I've never ordered from Canada but I've seen the differences in prices. It's annoying, but don't worry about the shipping. When people want something, they are will to pay to get it! I mean, I wanted some melon flavored daifuku. The cost of the actual snack was $3.49. The shipping for one 8 pack was $6.00. I didn't give a damn, hahaha! I bought 'em. And they tasted sooo good and… *buys more*. You can't control the shipping. Peeps will understand. Don't sell your book too cheaply to make up for that. I know you've probably done all of the calculations but I have to be annoying and mention it anyway :o. Consider how much time and effort you've put into making this comic. You worked DAMN hard. Like seriously if not for my book being in color, I couldn't ask for the price I sell it for. And you used real mediums too. Every copy needs to pay for itself basically; supplies, labor, the therapy you might need XP… Anyone that has issues with that just won't have a copy of your book.

    I was just looking at how many people viewed/saved your post on dA about the book. Your house is about to be a mini shipping company! It's both awesome and overwhelming (I feel overwhelmed for you). You should totally post about how everything goes and take pics of the book boxes when they arrive! I'm pretty excited for you. Your experience with this, will totally help anyone (me) who's about to get into this. Ungh! I hope my phone internet doesn't bitch out on the day orders open so I can get my copies!

    And while I'm giving all this advice I need to move my own bum ass and finish new pages >___>;;.

    • I promise I'll stop writing novels to your journals too XD;;.

    • uguuu thank you soo much for all the encouragement ;u; Do you use aim or msn? because we should totally add and help each other with saving money LOL XD I asked though because you mentioned using your phone for net access most of the time so I don't know if you actually use those haha!

      And ugh I know, it's a huge conflict between how much effort I put into it vs how much people are used to paying for this. Manga books never exceed the $15-20 mark and those gotta be damn good, too, but for all the work? I could make a sketch collection of something like… 40-70 pages and people would think it's a STEAL to be able to get it for $10. Sometimes I just feel like we picked a bad product to make LOL;;

      And who told you they only do minimum orders of 1k o_O? When I asked around I always asked for prices for 500 copies and 1000 copies separately and I got them. Could it be because of colour printing? I can't see the connection or logic if that's the case though. I know some companies might not do small runs like ours (lol) but it could be just that company.

  • Lovely scrap doodle as usual, hope you finish it! Funny, I've been listening to a couple of radio programs this week, where people have been complaining about shipping across Canada, let alone delivering stuff across T.O. We're all getting shafted :(! I can understand your worries a little(been thinking about making cellphone charms and I have visions of them getting lost in the mail or getting a bill for a couple thousand), ahh the joys of self-publishing/self-merchandise production.

  • wwwww

    LOLOLOL WOW I had to say the funniest part was how your surgery was free. MINE WAS FREE IN CANADA TOO. YEA HEALTHCARE