April 26, 2011 12:13 AM

I’m still trying to figure out how to make shipping cheaper, and it’s driving me insane now because oversize letter (the cheapest method that I’m aware of right now) has a weight limit of 500 grams. My proof book is 230 grams, and I wanted to be able to ship at least 2 books per shipment. with the lightest envelope I can find out there (which weighs 30-40 grams) I’m looking at like a 490-500 gram shipment LOL AND I DONT WANT TO END UP HAVING TO ARGUE WITH THE CLERK OVER A FEW GRAMS OF DIFFERENCE FOR LIKE $4 OF EXTRA SHIPPING PRICE. Seriously my dad was joking about how I should take all the preordered books with me to otakon and mail it there through usps and I was like hey, that sounds like a great idea! God I hope the actual books will defy logic and be lighter ): otherwise I’d have to blow dry all the books and mail them all on a very dry day to try to lower the books’ weight or something. Or pump helium into the envelopes I don’t know. And totally cutting out like 20 pages of the next book over this stupid bullshit lol

I have also been considering other types of publications, like artbooks. I’ve been counting the number of my art pieces I have right now that is presentable as an artbook. I’ve always wanted to make a reasonably thick book (ie about 100 pages), but shipping business is making me rethink this. I have about 30-35 that I am comfortable with compiling, so one of my goals for next year is probably going to be finishing about 20, maybe 30 illustrations and compile my first art book. I’ve always wanted to do themes, such as the collection dedicated to veloce and blackbird I’ve talked about before, but I realized I’ll ever finish enough illustrations to be picky about what I publish LOL. I’m also considering doing doujin-type mini side stories for blackbird, because I do have a lot of ideas for my characters in out of character settings. But then that’d be like drawing fanarts/writing fanfics for myself which is ridiculous LOL I need to think of ways to present it reasonably…

Something from last week that I haven’t posted here yet! Still not sure if I want to make it into a romantic picture or cute/silly picture with their XD faces going on


  • teiuyou

    漫画可以买到中文版的吗? = =

    • 对不起,只有英文版 XD 我得中文读者不多,而且在这边印换成人民币的话会贵得不得了

  • Laniessa

    I would buy the manga if I actually worked and if it wasn't my parents money sob. (My mum is all 'you can read manga at the bookstore / internet, why pay for it?')

    But I will be able to nag my parents about the artbook (probably) so. Will be looking forward to that.

    (and I would love it if the picture was serious; you don't draw Weirin enough)

  • Lineith

    Don't kill yourself over the shipping prices. I've bought different artbooks and comics from other artists (once from Canada), and the price you mentioned in one of the comments is reasonable. It might seem expensive yet it is to be expected. Usually shippings are more expensive than the items :/

    On a side note, those two are SO adorable! Weirin's clothes are love <3

    • Haha thanks XD the shipping will look better on theh art book, since it will probably cost the same LOL SO SAD

  • hmmm But you look up the book shipping prices, yes? because it's a big difference. here in germany it's very cheap to ship books around the whole world. But I have no idea how that is in your country or if there is a difference at all. =/
    Second in germany it is possible to ship stuff for a low price as long at it is no paket but in the size of a big letter (which is about din4) and there is no written letter inside plus it is something you produced what is pretty much the fact. As I said before I have no idea if this helps at all but I just wanted to help. =C

    I will preorder even it has some more shipping costs. I won't mind C=

    • No I don't believe there is a "book" option, or any particular item XD We do have large letters, this is what I'll be using, but even that is so expensive ): The reason why I'm so upset over this is because in the USA it's so much cheaper, it's even cheaper to ship from the USA to Canada than it is to ship from Canada to Canada! WTF

  • don't worry about it, its expected to pay more for shipping when it comes international post. what I do is if I can put a few free things before the next weight tier, I put some freebees so that it kinda softens the blow from paying so much shipping.

    as for art books, If you can find 2 printers, one in Canada and one in US so the US can be printed for US customers.

    if you can, then yeah bring as much copies with you at cons and mail it out.

    • How would I distribute the books in the US if I print them separately though? Unless you mean print on demand services, which I don't want to use and wouldn't care for the prices anyway because like 60% of my profit would be eaten up already by the printer.

  • Ah, post problems. :/ I think it's perfectly fine for you to charge a tiny bit more for shipping! About weight, it might be better to check with your PO with sample books and then ask for a quote for both 1 and 2 books, and then go from there? I've had troubles with my city PO because the lady was a super *%^&%* and wanted me to pay more than double of what I had to just because the package was 1 gram over the limit. Getting to know your PO dude/lady helps too!

    *excited over Shilin artbook you have no idea ;A;*

    • LOL WHAT NOOOOO ): I hope not a lot of people order doubles anyway, so I&apos;d only have to bring in the special packages and mailbox everything else… I hope the ladies are my PO are cool…

  • What are the shipping prices like if you go with good ol' Canada post as opposed to the popular parcel/courier services? I think you're able to get away with more weight when you go that route. Also it's sort of dependent on the boxes and packaging you use. Either way, I wish you look and hope to see an art book in the future.

    • I am actually using Canada post. The oversize letter that I mentioned (that I can somehow squeeze 2 books into) is $4 for canada, $7.5 for the USA and up to $10 internationally, marginally cheaper if it's only 1 book. It counts as letter so it's cheaper than parcel. small parcel to canada is like $7, cue monitor punch

  • Shipping… I feel your pain. When I published my first artbook, there was an inflation in the shipping cost, and I lost about 500 usd as a result. Orz

    Ever since then, I had been pretty careful with shipping. In the past, I always asked for the exact price USPS charged me. But nowadays, I added a couple extra usd for precaution.

    In your case, I suggest you to increase the shipping price based on the amount of the order. 2 books should have a slightly more expensive shipping than 1 book. It should be fine as long as the shipping price is reasonable. I know some people who ask for ridiculous shipping price in Ebay, and people still buy them.

    As for artbook, don't go for too many pages unless you plan on selling them in convention. I came to learn that it's not the amount of art people care. It's the price. People don't mind buying 30 pages for 15 usd, but they won't buy 80 pages for 25. Don't ask me why. But that's how it is for me.

    • Yeah, my dad said I'm too honest when it comes to shipping and I should at least round up to the next dollar for all the packaging effort, prices and precautions ):

      Really? Artbook too? I see from comic books where people are willing to pay for single chapters, but not a collected edition that is cumulatively cheaper. I find it really strange, but thanks for your advice! That makes it easier for me anyway so I'm not going to wonder why LOL

  • I would totally pay the additional $4 if it would help ease the stress off D: Please don't worry about it too much~ You might get sick over it ;A;

    • Don't worry! There is incentive in trying my best to figure this out, because then I would know what to do in the future XD I WOULDN'T GET SICK OVER STRESS. Maybe pollen though…

  • I'm really hoping that I can get a copy of your book even if I'm in Asia. *_* My sisters in Canada and the USA might be cheaper, but I won't get the book until next year! ;_; *sob sob*

    And omg, artbook. *_* My dream publication…

    • haha international shipping is actually only $2 more expensive than US, but I guess that makes sense since US is really "international", just closer XD