Kaidaten I mean Lif I mean Phoenix

May 14, 2011 3:45 AM

WARNING: INC CHARACTER WALL OF TEXT. but first, have some wips
I think I scared some people by showing how my art look like in rough stage, especially if I do it all on photoshop lmfao BUT HERE THIS LOOKS BETTER

So my hearing loss for the past months is probably an inner ear problem because I suddenly started getting vertigo yesterday afternoon, and was feeling nauseated all day. Being the dumbass that I am and totally have never felt dizziness before, I kept shaking my head trying to figure out wtf was going on LOL AND MADE IT WORSE… I’m a lot better today, but my head feels heavy from oversleeping/overresting and my eyes are dying from looking at the ipad in the dark. But some computer usage fixed my eyesight! (WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT… well it’s because my screen is placed at a nice height and really far away from me LOL) and I guess some work will snap my brain out of sleep mode. My dad’s like you’re overworking, you need to balance work rest and exercise but I’m like BUT LOOK AT MY FRIENDS… RUNNING ON COFFEE/REDBULL AND NO SLEEP WHY DOES NOTHING EVER HAPPEN TO THEM

As usual I feel the need to do something when I’m resting so my time isn’t ~*WaStEd*~, and I’ve been wanting to create more characters using my RO charas that I am turning into an original story (no name… just going to call it Monarch for now) So I did some mental character design for my RO characters. Apparently it works better than sketching for preliminary designs because it’s the stage where I have no idea wtf I’m doing, so with mental work I don’t have to keep erasing shit that don’t work! Here is the result of my hours of ceiling staring:

the lovechild of a Lif and Kaidaten LOLOL… It was inevitable because the original character is my RO soul linker which IS a Lif in her RO character design, and the wings theme randomly popped up when I used her in the WIP above ): you can totally tell I only care about her hair LOL… THE MIDDLE ONE WHERE I OUTLINED THE SHAPES OF THE LAYERS LOOKS LIKE A CABBAGE HAHAHAHA. I love this fresh green colour especially for hair, but keri already has this colour and his hair is not fun to draw…… I will try to change her hair some more when I research more birds later, not that it’s not insane enough already I can’t think of anyone in their right mind except for me who would want to illustrate something like that, let alone use the design in a manga setting HAHA BUT I DON’T CARE RIGHT NOW IM A HAPPY TROOPER

I came up with most of her character themes when I randomly decided to use her as the foreground of the CG. The background was a sky with huge clouds at first, and when I was deciding between day time and night time, I thought that it suits this character because I have two soul linkers, and they’re identical with identical names. I decided that they would have some control over weather, one for day and one for night. I haven’t found a good sounding name or a cool story for a mythological bird yet so their temp name will be Phoenix! LOL at least they have a name unlike my high priest chara…

Like my high priest chara and all my RO charas to be incorporated into this story, they are one of the Monarchs of the world. Monarchs give up some of their memories to the Mistress of the world, and in exchange have their talents boosted to godly levels and given a city/area/kingdom to rule over. The two Phoenixes are different entities with different souls, but they are inseparable and only one can be awake and aware at a time. They share the same name and appearance and no one except the Mistress knows that there’re 2 of them. They’re borderline intelligent, incapable of speech and acts like infants. Most importantly they lack some kind of long term memory. So they love to roam because everything is always fascinating and new to them, all the while influencing the weather of the world without knowing. But they always get lost and never know the way home. Whenever they start feeling miserable they bring forth storms and devastate the area, until someone capable of calming them down or returning to their home do so, and after a short while they repeat the event.

Some of these regions are well ruled, some of them are a fucking mess and Phoenix’s region is the latter due to their… absolute inability to be remotely responsible about their job. These regions also have weird tensions with one another because the Mistress doesn’t interfere with their ruling and the Monarchs weren’t chosen with the benefit of these states in mind. Phoenix’s constant–albeit unintentional–harassment put their region in terrible relations with almost every other region and it’s pretty much a miracle that their state is still standing.


  • hope you're feeling all better now /hug
    between that character design looks awesome!! specially the hair :D but you're right saying it will be a pain drawing it over and over XD but maybe you can come out with a design where they gathered and other realized like above? (just like an actual peacock tail XD) that will be cool!
    By the way, I think in the final pic she's missing her shoulder (behind all those flowers ^^;) or you did that on purpose?

    • it was a mistake, but I think I can get away with it being covered by the stems of the bouquet because her hair was green, and that was the reason I didn't spend time colouring the shoulder in the first place (:

  • Wow! Great work^^ Cute character) What is settings of a brush you used for shadows?)