So tired

May 17, 2011 2:29 AM

Someone from my preorder list didn’t make it to first 100, but the form was sent before I removed the sketch/charm options so he still managed to get in a request of Meron with modern clothes XD I thought it was a good chance to draw something that’s NOT VELOCE/BLACKBIRD so I tried to do it anyway! The actual preorder sketches would really be sketches though, not something nearly as polished as thisLOL. But having it penned in your book should be cooler than something plastered on my blog for everyone to see :D…

Speaking of preorder sketches, I was contemplating whether to draw it on the book or on a separate piece of paper. The latter is much easier (because holding a book cover open to draw is not cool), I can start right now, and I can use a pencil and not be scared of mistakes. I haven’t drawn with a pen for like 5 years and the last time I did it, it sucked, so I did a page of freehand pen portraits tonight and it wasn’t that bad! Although everything looks really scribbly because that’s the way I draw with pencil, but I think I was able to do ok with them because I wasn’t focused on the fact that I can’t make any mistakes. So I will practice soem more for the actual book sketches, plus maybe try a test manga page with a pen again ^^

It’s only 2 am and I’m so tired… I was ¬†going to rest this week because of last week’s crap, but decided not to because I know I’d start wondering what I could work on with my “free time” on day 1 LOL… but now I think I have to, I’ll just minimize productivity or something, and be prepared to work when the books arrive. I am intensely editing the next arc of CP and I’m really in a writing mood and not a drawing mood, so I’ll probably not draw anything else all week. I get into writing mood too easily ): and whenever I do I don’t want to think about drawing it’s horrible LMAO

I’ve also decided to focus on completing the overarching plot for CP this year, and get as much details out as possible, instead of spreading out my interests. At the beginning of the year, I think on my new year’s resolution, I had planned to work on Winter’s Garden oneshot along side CP so that I could publish more than one manga book next year. But I really have no ideas for WG, CP is in way more urgent need of work as an ongoing series, and the rest of my random creativity seem to be all going to Monarch atm. It’s not something I can control so I thought I shouldn’t force it into my schedule if I’m really not into it.

god I just read what I wrote LOL TIME TO SHUT UP AND SLEEP `u` HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINA I’d wish you more success in sepiatis but it would jeopardize my personal safety if your infections get out of hand


  • Aw dangit I missed the keychain and sketch event DX! When it comes to sketching inside of the book vs. Sketching on a separate page, I can't say I've seen many art books where doodles have been made directly into the book. The three Hyung Tae Kim art books along with all the "technical"/process art books(that feature different artists) that I own usually, have a couple pages dedicated to the artist's rough and concept sketches. Though I do have one art book by someone on dA that had a personal doodle in the cover, but pages for sketches seems to be standard. Either way, good luck with this and rest up :D!

  • Meron is beautiful! +_+ Draw her more frequently)

  • Are you ok now Shilin? How are you feeling? :)
    …It's interesting that tomorrow is my Biology exam…what a strange coincidence lol.
    But Meron, dissections are fun! …until the specimen actually wakes up and starts hopping around and spilling its insides everywhere…
    I didn't know Meron had such long hairrrrrrr~ And I like her outfit <3 I love your clothing designs gahhhhh And she has a fluffy tail! Unlike Iriel xD;
    I didn't check if I got the free sketch, but I agree with Brushmen about the issue :) Also, sleeping late at night is no good for your health! D: *is twacked*
    I don't think it's bad that you're immersing yourself into writing where the plot goes. I mean, there are rather disastrous consequences when comics are made without prior planning; I myself have experienced them haha. Besides, I think most of us are flexible fans that won't hold you to update at the exact time if you can't :) Personally, I would rather wait for a well-developed update than a rushed one because of the timeline/update schedule.
    I don't know if you mentioned Winter Garden before…but I don't remember ever reading about it…so, uh…sorry, what is it about? *runsandhides*

    • it's a dream I had many many years ago that I wanted to make into a short story. I don't even remember the actual dream cus I made up so much shit for it LOL. I posted 1 long blog entry for it but that's about it LMAO

  • brushmen

    Personally would be content with a scribble outside the book that you can deal with anytime, but it's not like you have nothing else to do in the meantime! XD Good luck with your projects and don't let your hands fall off… (like certain other artists who did preorder sketches)

  • I FEEL SO LOVED n________n

    my virus is everywhere YOU CANNOT ESCAPE MY IRLPANDEMIC