May 20, 2011 4:06 PM

Documenting the entire drawing process from start to finish (sans 1 hour in the middle)! For some reason I have the tendency to move the canvas around instead of moving my hand around the tablet, so the speed video is like seizure inducing lol ):

My rest week turned into a do everything else week as expected. I felt a lot better on wednesday so I started working on those 100 free sketches. I’ve also decided to draw them on separate pieces of paper. At least this way they look a lot better than if I were to scribble with a pen onto the books LOL. I try to keep them fast but I can’t draw them any faster than like 15-20 minutes each so after 2 days of (half distracted) work, I’m only at 40 ): 60 more to go! and counting on people who don’t pay because I’m not drawing their sketches until they pay HAHA. I had wanted to finish all of them by today but I was short yesterday’s quota by like 50% so I think the work will have to go into next week ): I intend to send off my art to make prints next week as well, so although I wanted to draw a gothic/punk pic as the last new print of the year I don’t think I’ll have time ): NEXT YEAR IT IS.

I want to post some of the sketches because I kinda like them, but that wouldn’t be nice to the people getting them haha. After 40 sketches it’s still pretty fun although even though I’ve drawn like 35 veloce/blackbirds and 2 weirin/keris so far LUL I think I just have ocd issues

For some reason the charas in my traditional sketches look so young I don’t know why hahaha :D they start to look old when I paint them but I think it’s because I draw such big heads and cute short little arms and hands, and I fix those with freetransform on photoshop when I paint them. This is what you should NOT do guys, practice a bad habit so hard that you naturally do it and can’t tell what’s wrong with it.

ok time to do 60 more sketches! I’m so amazingly motivated recently it’s surreal


  • Osaaru

    O M G holy crap I have never seen to much thorough details since that ancient painting I saw in class… The name has left me.

    But omfgosh where do u get all that patience?????

  • =C I want to see all sketches plz T_T not fair

  • Your pencil sketch is so clean, it's almost like lineart already! I really like how the face details are a bit darker than the rest.<3

    /patiently stalks a random person receiving a sketch just to steal it and frame it and worship it forevers (lol the things I'd do for your work, really. <3)