May 20, 2011 4:06 PM

Documenting the entire drawing process from start to finish (sans 1 hour in the middle)! For some reason I have the tendency to move the canvas around instead of moving my hand around the tablet, so the speed video is like seizure inducing lol ):

My rest week turned into a do everything else week as expected. I felt a lot better on wednesday so I started working on those 100 free sketches. I’ve also decided to draw them on separate pieces of paper. At least this way they look a lot better than if I were to scribble with a pen onto the books LOL. I try to keep them fast but I can’t draw them any faster than like 15-20 minutes each so after 2 days of (half distracted) work, I’m only at 40 ): 60 more to go! and counting on people who don’t pay because I’m not drawing their sketches until they pay HAHA. I had wanted to finish all of them by today but I was short yesterday’s quota by like 50% so I think the work will have to go into next week ): I intend to send off my art to make prints next week as well, so although I wanted to draw a gothic/punk pic as the last new print of the year I don’t think I’ll have time ): NEXT YEAR IT IS.

I want to post some of the sketches because I kinda like them, but that wouldn’t be nice to the people getting them haha. After 40 sketches it’s still pretty fun although even though I’ve drawn like 35 veloce/blackbirds and 2 weirin/keris so far LUL I think I just have ocd issues

For some reason the charas in my traditional sketches look so young I don’t know why hahaha :D they start to look old when I paint them but I think it’s because I draw such big heads and cute short little arms and hands, and I fix those with freetransform on photoshop when I paint them. This is what you should NOT do guys, practice a bad habit so hard that you naturally do it and can’t tell what’s wrong with it.

ok time to do 60 more sketches! I’m so amazingly motivated recently it’s surreal


  • Wonderful video! I loved watching the different lace/belt designs.

  • Chris

    All I can really say is that you seem like a REALLY hard worker Shinlin :).

  • Freya

    Whoa, your sketches look so clean! :O Did you start with a loose sketch first or go right into working toward the final lines? Wow, 40 sketches in two days, and given the amount of detail seen in the sample one that's pretty amazing! *w* Thank you for working so hard~!

    Ah, there was a part in the video around 8:54-8:55 where it looks like you made the lace look more like it is wrapping around the dress. How/which tool did you use? (it only shows up for about a second in the video, so I'm not sure if I even saw it correctly XD;; )

    • the sample one is a lot more detailed than the rest XD I start with really light general shapes and important guides that I need, then I go straight into lines haha. it's how I draw my manga as well, but you can actually see the rough lines in person on paper.

      As for the lace, if you're talking about the popup window, it's filter>liquify, it distorts your lines so it's really useful to make compter generated rigid looking parts look organic. If you're talking about the part where I shaded the lace, I just locked the transparency of the lace layer and airbrushed soft colours onto the lace to make it match the shading of the dress, and thus making look adjacent to the dress ^^

  • lasdjnalefad the faces in the rough draft killed me. The line art part is my absolute favorite! I loved seeing such clean lines come out of the draft. *_* so amazed~

    Separate pieces of paper :O Will you be attaching them to the book somehow? Because if you'll just pin/staple them I think I'm going to have mine framed 8D

    So many Veloce/Blackbird but no Meron at all? XD? No love for the uhm, traitor, I guess. D:

    • they're cardstock and smaller than the book so I'll just stick them inside the book like bookmarks haha. it's not worth framing LOL but I'll make sure yours is not safe for framing…

      2 merons! there's 2-4 of each of the charas and like half half for the rest lmfao

    • NO PLZ I would really want to frame mine >: I shall even show you pikchurz of it on my wall.

      One day, I'm going to have saved enough to commission you for some awesome BB/VV work. ONE DAY.

      So many Blackbird/Veloce requests… You'll probably be so sick of drawing them that you won't update Carciphona for a month LOL (Well actually this would be great drawing practice……)

  • Helios

    lol, I watched the video on and off as I played Pokemon Black and at one point I got dizzy from switching and from all the canvas movement 8D but it was awesome!! Makes me feel lazy at my slow real-life speed.

    Aww no way! Ok, I expected a bunch of Blackbird requests but there needs to be more Keri. I would have requested some Keri luff! Something about those glasses…just lures me in C8 But seriously, you're so productive it deserves a pat on the back.

    And who's that pokemon? Did Veloce catch a snubbull? They share that no-plz :< face lol

  • I move the canvas around too xD;;; Awesome video, btw!

    …man, you just had to remind me I forgot when the special pre-order started, and therefore will not get a speshial sketch. >: Boo.

  • Man, I'm saying it again…it blows me away when you seen artists working with really rough sketches, and they are able to work through with those sketches to produce polished cg work. If you're ever inclined, I'd love to read an updated colouring tutorial from you. You make blending colours together look so easy. Two questions for you:

    1. Do you usually have some inked lineart/ really clean pencil sketch that you use for flat colouring and shading, that's eventually erased or completely discarded? I noticed a couple of minutes into the video, after you were playing around with background ideas with the rough sketch, you switched to Sai and started inking*curious*.

    2. Looks like you have a couple layer masks on certain areas, what are those for?

    3. Lastly, I noticed you use the hue/balance, colour adjustment for certain areas. Do you usually have a set colour palette in mind, you decide on things along the way?

    Sorry for the longish post :X!

    • 1) I don't get what you mean, could you clarify ):

      2) the big one is for the foreground. I duplicated the background layer, put it in a folder, and masked out the character shape on the folder, and put every colour layer for the character in that folder. The second one is for the bows, I did it so I could draw on patterns without it getting out of line!

      3) half and half, pics like good bye and immortal I already have a pretty clear idea on what the general colours will be. But for this picture, because it's a new character and it's a spontaneous design, so I don't know anything :D Usually when I don't know what colour I should use for something, I fill the areas with flat colours on a new layer. and used hue+sat to decide the design and the colours.

    • 1. When you're cging, do you normally start off working with something inked(traditionally or digitally for your lineart) or a clean pencil sketch to guide where you have to colour, and then discard the layer with the lineart when you're finished? In the video it looked like you started colouring the character in photoshop and inking in parts(in paint tool sai) as you went along.

    • in this video, I did the roughs first (really thick black sketch, I don't know if you could even call it a sketch), then finished the entire lineart (SAI part you mentioned) before doing any fine colouring. The lines stayed on the final image. I just coloured it so that it blends in and help the image rather than making the image look 2D. I did erase the lines for the wings though!

      I have different procedures for each piece nowadays, like the paintings are often based on disgusting roughs or sketches. I only go for clean sketches if I have no idea how the image should look when it's done. But usually if I do lineart, I finish it before fine colouring, and I don't get rid of it after I'm done.

  • brushmen

    Hmm… is that for Kersheys or Aeorys? :P
    Good on you for thinking ahead. Take care.

  • momo0124

    Me want to see a full version of SPESHIAL HALF-HOUR SKETCH FOR SUMBADY! Now!

  • It's looking so awesome :D (guess mines already done :D) but it's a shame we wont be able to see others :(