productive procrastination

June 14, 2011 12:03 AM

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I was working on this commission but I was having a really hard time on it because I stopped in the middle of it like two weeks ago, and it’s like a mesh of things that I’m not familiar drawing (even though I came up with the idea myself…) So I decided to PROCRASTINATE and finish this song I had lying around for a while. In the end I didn’t finish it, it has no beginning or ending because those are hard AND I’M LAZY LOL. When I wrote this I was going to save it until I learn to play it and record it myself, because computer generated piano solos sound boring, unless they’re meant to sound mechanical and flat. But then I remembered I haven’t played piano for a year and god knows when I’ll do that again due to my parents’ work schedules lol ):

But ya when I started this piece, I had intended it to be an opening type song for CP, so I made sure it had a melody that can be sung to and is in a simple generic pop song form. But I know I can’t write pop lol so I decided to make it into a piano solo that could stand on its own :D

And then today I tried to work on the commission again and after like half an hour I derailed again to draw other stuff ):…
This picture is like 3 separate pictures mashed together LMAO. I just edited the toccata pic into this pic… the stabby part was in a sketch I did like 4 years ago that I never posted because it had tits, and the dance part I always wanted to do but I never did. I was going to do full body because I wanted to include stilettos (as in heels) to go with the daggers, but the figures got too small ): I was looking at tango pics on google and every picture is like… top half dance embrace, bottom half woman riding man’s crotch :D… needless to say I didn’t incorporate that part into this drawing LMAO


  • A. Hormell

    The solo is actually really nice, really calming.
    I got my CP book yesterday and I was so totally happy. The quality of the book is great Shilin, I couldn't seem to put it down last night at all. And the sketch is just amazing, thanks ^^.
    Of course I ended up having to chase my mom around for the package since she was being a turdbird and decided to give me a hard time about it since I've been waiting for yesterday (I've been watching the mail like a hawk).
    As for the tango bit, I don't know much about dancing (what I do know I learned thanks to watching Dancing With the Stars lol) but the tango is a really close, really personal, really sexual dance that's suppose to make the partners look like they're madly in love and severly angry at the same time. So maybe that'll help some?

  • I can hear what you mean about the piano sounding flat. I've never been a big fan of digital music programs as they try to capture the sound of real instruments and the either sound like midi files from 90's videogames(which isn't always a bad thing, I have a ton of vgm remixes and original chip tunes on the iPod)or they just sound so flat and lifeless which is no fun. I hope you find a way around this and record the song in the way you've envisioned it.

    As for tango dancing and trying to draw it out, well…there's a reason they say dancing is like vertical sex set to music lol!

  • Hakujin

    The way Veloce's leg is wrapped around Black Bird's looks a little off, but other than that this looks amazing! Sexy, too! C8

    • haha yeah it's like… 2 dimensional…

    • Hakujin

      Btw, got my CP book yesterday. I must say, the quality is amazing! It also helps me cause I can now actually study your lineart, since I'm trying to draw a manga myself, so this should help me a lot!

      As for the story, I really liked having the extra chapter at the end. It's always fun to see some background stories. Any chance you could do something like this again in volume 2?

    • I intended to do a bonus story for each volume, but volume 2's page count is getting a little long. For interests of shipping I can't have it weigh more than the first book, so I have to make sure the page count is under 170. So far it looks like chapter 5 is going to end on 120 and if I try really hard, I might be able to do chapter 6 in 50 pages and that already leave me no space for a bonus story. I will look into using lighter weight paper (which I don't want to, I'm fond of this paper) otherwise volume 2 will probably have no bonus story lol ):

    • Hakujin


      Well, if it's unavoidable then that's fine~ ^_^ I like this paper, too. There's always volume 3~ (hope it lasts that long)

  • Ruina

    I like what you have for the song so far. *_* Looking forward to its finished version if you ever feel like working on it again!

  • When I was reading this I had tea in my hand hot tea then I saw this and squealed in happiness and dropped my tea in my lap then I walked the house with a happy face with my pants wet and my mom was like did you…*WTFFace*. I like the muisc by the way