July 7, 2011 5:14 PM


crappy sketches for not blackbird! The first one was the original concept when I started to work on it on photoshop. The idea was supposed to be the sky crying tears of blood but I keep having trouble with the movement and placement of the eyes and ended up drawing the second picture first haha. AND THEN PHOTOSHOP DECIDED TO CRASH WHEN I ONLY SAVED ONE VERSION so I had to redraw them so they look like crap lol ):

The second picture is one of the many gods?spirits? created by the person who took the high priest’s memories. The spirit’s name is Kanzeon, because its abilities is to see the things happening in the world with its countless eyes, similar to the bodhisattva that she’s named after (maybe better known as Guan Yin/Guan Shi Yin (观世音) but this spelling sucks ass). This spirit doesn’t exist anymore though and not many people know her story. My high priest character’s abilities comes from/is the same as this spirit’s, and because she doesn’t remember her name and didn’t want to randomly get a new one, she lets people call her whatever they like. Kanzeon was one of the nicknames people gave her because of her abilities and it just stuck/spread, so it basically became her name. The bodhisattva uses her outreach of senses to see/hear the sufferings of the people in the world and… help them? or share the burden of pain; at first I was going to make Kanzeon that kind of figure but I decided not to in the end, because I want to keep the kind of dense personality that her RO counterpart has, and that would be difficult if she’s too strong LOL.


  • Aw man you just had to mention bodhisattva's, now it's time to bust out my world religion/mythology books and brush up on my Buddhism. I swear your priest's potential backstory reminds me of this anime(who's title I'm wracking my brain to remember) I read about a while ago, with some girl who ended up being a reincarnation of the same Guan Yin. Either way, it's a cool premise. Lastly, I swear it's some kind of conspiracy, the moment you come up with an awesome idea and are messing around with things in Photoshop, the program decides to crap on your head and close down on you.

    • which series! either way this is only one of the siprits; I'm trying to name (well, create, first LOL) the rest of the spirits/powers after other gods from around the world, as kind of a "we named this creature after some unreliable myth" thing for the world. Going to be hard though since I know so little about other cultures ):

  • Ruina

    Oh wow, that's an interesting depiction of a bodhisattva. Every time I see any design with tons of eyes, it always makes me think of the yokai Hyakume (hundred-eyes) from Japanese folklore. xD Interesting!

    And for some reason, I found it very cute you gave an umbrella in the first picture, and just how she looks like she doesn't care if the sky is crying over her.

  • Is that part of the RO story you wrote of in your DA journal? O: