art block

July 13, 2011 3:15 AM

I’ve been having such an “art block” per se that I haven’t done anything since I finished next week’s update yesterday. ok that doesn’t sound like a long time LOL BUT IT IS. I’ve been getting by with working on a web design for a friend, but otherwise I barely got anything done. It’s not even a real art block because I can come up with things to draw, it’s just that I’m forcing myself to go for illust concepts of stuff I like but have trouble doing, ie modern, casual, down to earth, more photo-like rather than arbitrary and posed. And those didn’t go anywhere ): so I got annoyed in the end and just flipped to an unfinished sketch from last october, finished it and pretended I got something done LOL

a princess of northern descent! I believe I was really just trying to make a chinese princess crown with baroque ornaments but I decided to draw her some fancy clothes too. I think this is weirin but I’m not sure…..

yesterday night’s attempt to convince myself I didn’t waste the night away LOL. I painted half of it and got a little bored because I really just wanted work on illustration ideas some more. It was nice to colour hair brainlessly for 2 hours and occasionally chat on livestream!

And lastly, tonight’s attempt to be productive was to .:*~research drinks~*:. because, you know, I decided to make poor veloce an alcoholic but I don’t drink at all nor know how they’re served :D The best way to avoid making her look like a poser is of course to do it myself, but I hate the taste of alcohol lol SO youtube will have to do! I ended up looking at bartenders and this guy is pretty funny and the best I could find tonight. Everyone else looked like juggling clowns because they just toss their bottles around for a while with a long or nervous face, then pour the drinks like nothing happened which is pretty lame ):


  • Aeorys

    Ooh, flairing. Yeah, no. Flairing and actual bartending are different, with the former being for entertainment purposes as opposed to getting a delicate mixture going. Real bartending is a lot more boring, but it's more to taste. I'd suggest looking up the Bartender series by Joh Araki. There's a related anime, too, which may provide some animated info.

    There's also this dude:
    He has some fairly decent and realistic tutorials.

    • Aeorys

      Also, this guy has some more basic tools and etc:

    • thanks for the links! yeah I understand LOL I was like oh they can do tricks? and then I watched them and I was like why does this have nothing to do with the actual drink serving LOL

  • A. Hormell

    That bartender is seriously funny and awesome all at the same time, I couldn't even begin to imagine doing the moves he does. I'm amazed that the money didn't fall off his head with the way he was moving around, I wonder if its taped there o.o
    And Veloce as an alcoholic? Sounds interesting. Though my first reaction to it was "Is she old enough to drink?" XD

    • don't worry, as the author I'm sure I can lower the legal drinking age by a few years, if not remove it

  • I remember watching that mannequin live stream, I've always wanted to try my hand at the whole "digital painting from a rough digital sketch" bit. Painting the hair looked like so much fun. I guess it's a matter of just getting into it and not worrying about everything being so smooth and polished.

    • I usually end up using 100% brushes for these kind of paintings because I need the edges to be definite, so they automatically look a lot harsher than my normal pictures, but it is indeed pretty fun to do!

  • I couldn't resist, I wanted to see what Veloce would look like with that kind of face LOL I'M SO SORRY VELOCE PLEASE DON'T HURT ME

    Also, I would NOT want to meet that armless crying mannikin of eyes. That looks like some serious nightmare fuel.


  • The hair! It's so pretty. *Touches*

    I haven't been up to date with Carciphona but asldjfalds, Veloce, an alcoholic? Sounds fun. :D I don't drink much myself so I wouldn't know what the bartenders are like lol (and when I do, I don't even look at them).

    I hope your art block goes away soon. It's no fun having one.

    • ahaha it's not mentioned in the story yet, but it's something that stuck in my head when it was mentioned once LOL