Aikon 11!

July 18, 2011 9:32 PM

I just came back from Aikon yesterday! It’s in Winnipeg and it’s the first time I’ve been there (the con and the city). I was really worried about a lot of stuff like getting along with people and commute and whether or not I’ll make my money back since it’s a tiny con, but luckily my dear host Rensing and her family was amazingly nice and fun. The room I got was like 5 star hotel status and during the usual long boring hours of AA, I got to talk to a lot of cute fun artists who were also exhibiting there so I enjoyed it a lot! In the end I did make some money so I’m very happy. I usually don’t sell a lot at AAs and this trip turned out to be absurdly expensive for its distance so I was relieved! Here’s a super long winded account of my trip plus a lot of sketches that I did there :D


I forgot to take a picture with my host but I swear this looks exactly like her and she can testify. This is Rensing! her┬áplace was very nice and cozy, their basement ROCKED because it had a fucking bar filled with cool decor. I was going to be a huge creep and take pics of the place but I forgot ): And she had a huge black bird hunt (?) dog named Morgan. Omg I loved him so much I miss him already LOL he barked at me for like ever at first because I guess I smelled like cats, but we became friends really fast. he gave me his chewy toys and GAVE ME HIS PAW ONCE but I didn’t understand him so I missed the chance… on the last day he wanted to sleep on my bed but it was like 4 am and I was REALLY TIRED, so I was like nooooooooooo so he slept on the floor next to my bed and I was like awwwwwww. I love him to death HE’S SUCH A GOOD DOG

but anyway onto the con and my hosts LOL. I was scared I would be rude/awkward so I tried my best to talk as much as I could whereas normally I prefer to just stand back and chill. But I figured it’s more appropriate and adequate even if I make a fool out of myself rather than make it hard on my hosts, so we ended up spending a lot of time chatting! Ren’s bf Josh was over too so every night we came home from the con, the three of us would end talking for hours. Usually I just sleep or work on commissions LOL but we got to know each other. It was interesting because they were quite different from what I’m used to here in china land Toronto. I ended up being super racist against my own culture BUT IT WAS INEVITABLE BECAUSE IT WAS ALL TRUE HAHAH. Ren’s mom was a cool lady too but I only got to see her on our rides and in the morning so we didn’t talk much ):

Aikon’s artist alley was tiny; it shared a room with the dealers and even that room was smaller than Anime North’s artist alley alone. There were only like 3 small blocks of tables for artists; I set up near the back facing the front (even then it wasn’t that far back) so I could be a creep and ~observe~ other artists HAHAHAH. I made my stand taller this year and this is the first time I’ve tried to set it up, and I found out it was like… 2 inches too high for me to hang up the art. I had a very difficult time putting up the stand, and it was probably impossible if there weren’t other people around to help me. I feel like a disable person sometimes LOL whenever I travel I always have to ask a dude next to me to like… find my luggage in the overhead bins or help me lift some heavy bag up LMFAO.
This is my table! everything is crooked because I’m always messy with anything that requires organization by hand BUT WHATEVER. I don’t know if it’s the print placement change or if it’s the con itself, but a lot of people bought prints of pictures that usually don’t sell well. But I was happy that my newest pictures seem to be well received by comparison! And like every con, people look surprised when they see my RO pictures because no one ever does RO pics anymore LOL. But everyone who does recognize them are asian boys HAHAHA

And here’s a picture of me being retarded with ren’s bunny ears. gotta destroy my image once in a while right

I only brought 30 books to the con because they were fucking heavy and there is no way I can bring 2 suitcases because I’m weak. That and aikon is small so I didn’t want to go out of my way to haul stuff there like a loser and have to haul it back. But I sold them all on Friday so I’m really surprised. I don’t understand Aikon’s attendees at all because of the prints and this so I don’t know if it’d be the same at Otakon.

Ren had to volunteer for a 4 hour show room session on Saturday so we went out for food after AA closed. On the way we saw these brs cosplayers! Actually I lied I saw them a few times at AA but I didn’t want to be a hyperactive fan and yell at them to stop so I didn’t take pics.
I dont take pictures of cosplays anymore, but they looked cool so I got them! I like most of their costumes a lot, and DM’s scythe! just a little sad that they didn’t make badass poses or something haha

Then we walked in the blistering heat to the mall for food and this caught my eye
What I saw was “one night bang” but the placement of the leaves on this picture made it racist LOL… It was supposed to be one night in bangkok I think? but I was laughing pretty hard on the inside and decided to take a picture of it I HOPE NO PROFESSIONALS SEE THIS AND USE IT TO JUDGE MY INDIVIDUAL. I am educated pls believe me

I stayed with Ren through her volunteer session and it was a 4 hour showing of the two Evangelion movies. I barely know anything about the series so it was interesting at first; I was considering rewatching it once I get home because I couldn’t see ANY of the subs, but it got SO FUCKED UP TOWARDS THE END… It was like 12am when it ended too so I was like wow I’m going to have nightmares tonight… I’M NOT SURE IF I LIKE IT OR NOT. it was just such as a masofest with people screaming in pain EVERY SINGLE FIGHT and shinji failing at everything the second he launches. I did like the rest of the elements tho, especially the animation! It felt like madoka except a lot more sexual and messed up LOL.

I did a few commissions and this was my last one, and this was the only one I remembered to take a picture of ): I think this is Ree‘s OC (or her friend’s; her big group of friends tabled across from me and I kept mixing them up LOL I’M TERRIBLE)

I also did some commissions for Dew and Grimm. They sat behind me and dew kept trying to ninja on me AND FAILING INEXPLICABLY. It’s ok though my masterful ninjaing rubbed off on her over the weekend and she became a master of ninjaing by sunday. Sucks I don’t know the area and couldn’t hang out with people because of time constrains ): I went straight to the airport after the con to catch my plane. Got a full pat down at the airport because I was a dangerous individual, and then when I got to Toronto I found out they forgot my luggage at the Winnipeg airport LOL… unlucky stuff like this always remind me how lucky I am because had this happened on the departing flight instead that would’ve sucked so bad. I also saw nayuki-chan at baggage claim and I didn’t realize she was on the same flight as me. I don’t know her/she doesn’t know me though so I just peeked as she towed away her THREE SUITCASES like a boss LMFAO /creep

And here are a bunch of stuff I sketched at the con. You can tell I wasn’t busy at all because I drew so much shit HAHA but that’s usually how cons are for me since I don’t sell fanart. I need to find a way to get people to be interested in my original art; I’m sure I should at least explain it to them instead of sitting there like a sad child because whenever I do, people do actually become interested and often buy the prints. But I have this retarded thing called dignity and it likes to get in my way
warm up sketch or something I guess, I didn’t know what to draw and I haven’t sketched for a while. I liked Meron’s fluffy clothes on the most recent pages but I only got to draw it once LOL so I decided to stuff it on Veloce instead. And then I noticed she always wears so much stuff like it’s winter so I’ll probably thin it down later…

Another instance where I just wanted to draw hair! I was aiming towards altering my gypsy on RO-Mephisto-for Monarch, and she was a dancer so I made her something related to the performing arts. She’s supposed to look much older though (with sharper hair strands rather than ones resembling halcyon’s) but I only realized this after I drew the face lol… someone saw it and was like “is this how you’re feeling today” and I was like LOL NO I JUST LIKE TO DRAW CRAZY PEOPLE

more crazy ppl YAY but I forgot how I designed Kathryn’s clothes LMFAO FAIL ARTIST IS FAIL. I also realized I didnt know how to draw skeletons so I turned half of it into fading flowers HAHAHA ): I ran out of paper really early so I started squishing retarded shit onto the same piece of paper. Half of the chibis were upside down so I took the liberty of flipping them lol

This was painfully bad because I had to erase a lot whenever I decided to change the perspective lol ): and I also didn’t know how to draw an aircraft carrier LOL WHY DO I NOT KNOW HOW TO DRAW ANYTHING? WHAT IS PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY

And I had to wait 2 hours after closing on sunday for my ride to the airport so I did this. I keep changing the sword but I still don’t like it. It matches veloce’s boots now tho

And I think that’s all for the con! I probably left out a lot of stuff but it was a very pleasant trip! My eyes and mind are pleased, I saw lots of stuff that I want to draw, and I may try to go again next year providing that I am able to find a cheaper flight XD


  • A. Hormell

    It's good to hear that you had a great time with a wonderful host that you got along with so well. It definately sounds like you had a lot of fun there.
    The prints look great, as does the sketches. The chibis are definately hard to resist actually XD
    Anyways, wishing you the best of luck on everything ^^

  • Chris

    Sounds like an awesome trip :) great sketches you made too!
    I really hope I can see you here in Montreal at Otakuthon :)

  • Helios

    Con blog! The best kind~ That sounds like a small AA, but very intimate! Easier to talk to people and…ninja, apparently C: I remember you said your new prints came out a bit darker, but now I can really see it, especially in 'Veloce' and 'Good Bye'. They're still looking awesome. Think they'll ever be printed lighter?

    CHIBIS o 3o …yerp, that's all. Glad you and your luggage made it back (eventually).

    • hmmm they aren't too dark compared to the screen version. all my photos are dark so I up their brightness and contrast, which makes it worse XD If I print with fireball again chances are they'll look the same. I'm not concerned though because I like them a lot as is (:

  • LOL sounds like you had a BLAST! AA is generally like that though. I never know what's going through their heads. Original artwork never sells so I was lucky I brought my crapped up sketchbook for references XD. Usually there are a few artists that do commissions and I like to take a grab at the awesome ones. HEY! I can scan the picture you drew for me if you like? Xeph? LOL!
    Heeeyyyy we should have bothered you more. (Or Dew should have) I didn't know you were so lonely over there! But you did end up drawing a lot of really lovely artwork so I guess it wasn't all that bad!

    • YEAH if you could send it to my e-mail below or link to my note that would be great :D I'm used to the AA sitting trend though and I do like to do stuff on my own most of the time, so it was fine! and yeah I got to shit out a lot of sketches that I could use later LOL

  • Yyeee I'm in a con blog WHOO!! Hahaha that like, never happens to me. I'm sooo glad I didn't creep you out there at the con, I really really thought I was too eccentric and annoying the whole time ;^; Makes me happy that you had a great experience!!

    Aaaww man I really wish I coulda taken you round the town though!! I was gonna ask you if you wanted to come to Boston Pizza with my 5 friends and I but you had already left before I was able to ask you. Oh well, maybe another year if we both come back to Ai-kon!! :3

    Would you like me to scan the sketch commission you did for me? I don't mind doing that~ And did you want the pic with you in the hat as well? (I made sure it didn't wind up on facebook since you requested me not to post it). Oh and here's my table partner's page! (she LOVES that sketch btw, she says you captured his personality PERFECTLY <3 )

    Also also….is it okay if I color a copy of the sketch sometime? >3> I love coloring wwaayyy too much….and you did such an awesome job..and yesh XD

    • Yay thanks! you can send it to or link it in a note or something :D And sure you can colour it if you want XD

  • Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed looking through these. I think my favorite drawing is the last one.

    • I liked the last one too, it's sad how the best one is always the one that I put in the least amount of effort in terms of creativity LOL

  • Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the con and it's great how accommodating your friend and her family were to you :D!