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omg drawerings

I’ve been spending like… 15-20 minutes a day on this picture cus that’s all the time I end up having to spare without feeling guilty about not working on real work lol. I was just going for a simple picture of blackbird with her FACE on it cus I cut it off almost every drawing. unfortunately veloce invaded anyway I hope she enjoys the smell of blackbird’s armpit

And ohhhh I totally forgot I drew this after I posted it on tumblr haha. It’s one of my attempts to draw a group picture; I see group pictures all the time and I always want to do one but I just suck at stuff that don’t involve people making out or fighting or in DESPAIR for whatever reason. I was debating between character focus and environment focus, in the end I decided environment focus anyway to maybe have a chance to illustrate more of the world but this setting isn’t really reflective of my world at all LOL. I don’t know when I’ll have the time and balls to colour this but I do hope I will get to it eventually because I need drawings like these ):


took these photos to show my friend my latest mudkip installation


the granny that won’t shut up

I don’t recall posting this, I probably have but w/e I have no pictures to post LOL

I BROKE MY COMPUTER by installing a crap load of programs trying to fix my artbook’s file problem. I don’t know what’s wrong with it but it’s either there’s too much shit loading at startup, I got malware, or I’ve been opening multiple huge files in huge programs too frequently recently and force restarting too much whenever it starts lagging to shit. I can’t fix it despite disabling a lot of startup programs and uninstalling a lot of stuff and I really don’t have the time to reinstall windows right now, so I went back to the windows xp I used 2 years ago since I leave that drive plugged in anyway to use for space. And MAN it’s so fast and smooth with an utter lack of bullshit I don’t know what the fuck I did wrong with Windows 7 that could make it inferior to XP LOL… I pretty much have everything I need on there and installed whatever that’s missing, and now I am even more unmotivated to go back to windows 7 cus what’s the point ): just going to wait until no one makes software for winxp anymore or something lmfao

I’ve been having a lot of problems with the artbook but the most important one is finally fixed today. I am waiting for a second proof to be made and once it’s ok I’ll get it printed. It will probably be here by the end of October, but at this rate I probably want to wait for the books to arrive before I start taking orders. I will be gone for a week in the middle of October anyway and I want to wait til I get back to work on this, because I don’t want there to be any unexpected problems while I’m away and unable to tend to it. I am considering fedexing a small number of books after they are printed to bring to NYAF to give to friends/sell but I’ll see when I know the costs/time!

I’ve also been working on the year-end deadline for volume 2, and trying to get ahead of my schedule because I am pretty sure I would need to fork out a lot of time proofreading and editing any problems with the book after I’m done, which I didn’t plan time for. My relative who is coming has two high school and college aged kids and I am now charged with looking into enrollment and credit transfers for them lol ): I also agreed to work on a website for a friend and my dad wants to do some major renovation before the end of the year so all this will probably take a lot of time out of my schedule, so I’m trying to prepare for any unexpected time consuming delays (LIKE THIS ARTBOOK SHIT UGH) but right now I’m only 2 pages ahead ):
It didn’t occur to me that the last time I’ve drawn veloce normally in the story was like… 40 pages ago or something, because I was comparing how I’ve drawn her now to just earlier in this book and I just laugh at how badly I draw people LOL. During most of book2 I thought I kinda settled down with how I want to draw these pages and the change throughout the book isn’t as drastic as book 1 I guess, I should be able to look through my work after I’m done without feeling embarrassed about it right? WRONG HAHA man I’ll never be able to take CP seriously, I’ll just look through it and feel like I’m reading porn in public… I am not even trying to do anything good or out of ordinary, I just want them to look generic and good WHY AM I SO BAD AT LIFE.

artbook proof!!!

I had my artbook proof shipped to me through express post… 12 days ago. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GET HERE IN 4-5 DAYS augh fuck you post office!!! I’ve been dreaming of it arriving for many nights lol it was not cool waking up to disappointment after disappointment. I got woken up by the doorbell today and I was pretty sure it would be my book because it requires signature, but it was like 9am and I was half dead so I decided to not get up for it (my grandma got it). I went ahead to have like SIX dreams drifting in and out of sleep about it. First I dreamed that it wasn’t my package. Then I dreamed that it was an artbook but not my art book LOL??? I looked at the cover and inside art and it was all someone else’s art. Then I dreamed it was my artbook and had carciphona art in it but they’re all weird and drawn in like 80s shoujo manga style LMFAO I WAS LIKE WTF IS THIS, DID I DRAW THIS………… NO I DIDNT WTF. Each time I’d slowly come to and realize I’m still in bed augh… after I finally got up I got a headache from not sleeping well ):

but unnecessary details aside, it is here! I would take more detailed pictures of it but it is like the worst proof I’ve ever seen really, having endured a LOT of shipping crap and being dropped everywhere, and dirty because the envelope corners broke and dirt got inside… I would take more pictures of it just to show off how thick and legit this thing looks but I also inserted an extra page on the very front of the pdf by accident so the entire book got shifted over one page LOL GOD I AM SO PRO… so now the left pages are on the right and the right are on the left. This book is so full of misfortune and failure but whatever trouble and delay I encounter, I’d rather have it happen now and pray for the safety of my final books ):

Oh I forgot to mention that the cover is two sheets of paper taped together because it’s too long horizontally, since there are folding flabs off to the side. this thing is sooooo ghetto you don’t even know

fold out spread with duel on the back!!!


I am amazing at making my products look pathetic and small lmao… I blame having to carefully position all the mistakes and damage out of view LMAO.



Are you worried that each drop of blood escaping me

will be the one falling with my body?

Maybe you can tell from all our time spent together

that weight you can’t see pressing on my shoulders

Don’t be scared.

I won’t fail you.

I have the strength to carry all these burdens

so that you will never have to.



(┛°Д°)┛ノ ┻━┻ I decided to take a break from drawing manga pages (have 4 more pages done) by drawing something quick and random, and by quick and random I actually meant takes me like 10 hours and kill my pencil `u` And the best part of this was I didn’t mean for it to be a full page or expect to do any intense shading so I did it in my SKETCHBOOK and the binding coil and edges of the book were killing me LOL GOD I HATE SKETCHBOOKS Q____Q and it was a little too big to scan pfff

About the picture, if you don’t read CP/don’t remember, the black crap isn’t veloce’s summons or soul or friends or enemies, they’re just there to harass people who can see them. She could see them a long time ago but I guess after I read xxxholic I really got influenced on how the spirits there just pile on watanuki HAHA. Also the picture is kind of ruined by the fact that she looks like she’s hip locking like a boss but I didnt’ want to fix the lines in photoshop because I would have to change so much shit ):

ok back to working on ACTUAL PAGES after the 1 day detour…………