artbook proof!!!

September 14, 2011 7:10 PM

I had my artbook proof shipped to me through express post… 12 days ago. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GET HERE IN 4-5 DAYS augh fuck you post office!!! I’ve beenĀ dreaming of it arriving for many nights lol it was not cool waking up to disappointment after disappointment. I got woken up by the doorbell today and I was pretty sure it would be my book because it requires signature, but it was like 9am and I was half dead so I decided to not get up for it (my grandma got it). I went ahead to have like SIX dreams drifting in and out of sleep about it. First I dreamed that it wasn’t my package. Then I dreamed that it was an artbook but not my art book LOL??? I looked at the cover and inside art and it was all someone else’s art. Then I dreamed it was my artbook and had carciphona art in it but they’re all weird and drawn in like 80s shoujo manga style LMFAO I WAS LIKE WTF IS THIS, DID I DRAW THIS………… NO I DIDNT WTF. Each time I’d slowly come to and realize I’m still in bed augh… after I finally got up I got a headache from not sleeping well ):

but unnecessary details aside, it is here! I would take more detailed pictures of it but it is like the worst proof I’ve ever seen really, having endured a LOT of shipping crap and being dropped everywhere, and dirty because the envelope corners broke and dirt got inside… I would take more pictures of it just to show off how thick and legit this thing looks but I also inserted an extra page on the very front of the pdf by accident so the entire book got shifted over one page LOL GOD I AM SO PRO… so now the left pages are on the right and the right are on the left. This book is so full of misfortune and failure but whatever trouble and delay I encounter, I’d rather have it happen now and pray for the safety of my final books ):

Oh I forgot to mention that the cover is two sheets of paper taped together because it’s too long horizontally, since there are folding flabs off to the side. this thing is sooooo ghetto you don’t even know

fold out spread with duel on the back!!!


I am amazing at making my products look pathetic and small lmao… I blame having to carefully position all the mistakes and damage out of view LMAO.


  • (saw reply only now *fail*)
    Try InDesign. Helps keep the layouts and it's pretty simple. Helps in book mode too. D:

  • Can I preorder now XD -shot- <33333 looks amazing Shiiii~! I can't wait to hold it for myself >:VV