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this week in mudkipland

up to page 124 is done! 30 more pages and then 10 ish pages of extra content to do :1 if I can keep up drawing 6 pages a week, + nyaf I can finish mid november! I can probably get some proofreading done while I’m finishing content, and I should have a few weeks to revise anything I want to change. I can’t believe I’m actually making this feasible considering how laid back I usually am hahaha. All the page drawing and black and white stuff is making me forget how to colour… except I finished a cg just last week so ??????????? LOL MY BRAIN. I was planning to draw more pages today but I figured I should at least spend ONE day and do something else. But it was a bad decision in the end because I really wasn’t feeling like CGing and I had no inspiration for the cover anyway HAHA. now it’s all broody and dark and heavy… maybe on a better day I can sparkle it up with some desu

In other news we went to a restaurant for my grandma’s birthday yesterday. It was a chinese restaurant aimed towards the more classy/rich non asians, with an objective of “showing the western world what true chinese cuisine is like”. The whole place was decorated in baroque furnishing, except since it was done by chinese people it has the usual unauthentic vibe to it which I thought was hilarious, because I really think regal ancient oriental palace style decoration would’ve looked no less classy, without any of the counterfeit look LOL. The food itself was decent, but not worth the expensive price because I can name a lot of loud crowded and shitty looking restaurants that cook more authentic food, the money paid was mostly just for the service and environment. I should have taken my camera with me because at least for the money we paid I would’ve gotten some nice photos out of it but whatever! Also now it’s making me want baroque furnitures and want to paint my room red LOL my tastes are so old q_q

And here are some more photos from my window! there was a storm near the east coast but as usual, we didn’t get much of it. but storms mean rainbow hotspot yay! it was so bright it was glorious

and the day after the storm was cleared. suppressing urge to photoshop out the trees

I don’t like snacks but these rolls… I was just gonna have one and before I knew it the whole pack was gone LOL damn chinese snacks… I BET THERE’S CRACK IN IT