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old sketch

I don’t have anything to post so I GO BACK IN TIME TO FIND SKETCHES I FORGET TO POST HERE FROM TUMBLR HAHA. Click for bigger image!
I think this was another drawing that was supposed to only have blackbird but veloce invaded how r00d

drawing out a rigidly planned/thumbnailed story this time around wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I remember the first manga I started many, many years ago, I quit it and got bored of it because the story was already written out to every last detail that I felt like a printer printing out pages into art format. I’m not sure what changed but I haven’t gotten tired of drawing this book yet. Maybe it’s because my thumbnails are so ridiculously funny looking that I look forward to drawing them properly, or maybe it’s because I’ll be seeing it in print that makes it motivating.

I read this chinese novel my mom recommended to me last year or the year before; it was a very simple romance novel based on a true story during the cultural revolution. It was bland and simple and the characters were dumb (because well, it’s a true story) but my mom said that it was such a hit among people of her generation because the way the story was depicted spells out society and life in that era very plainly and truthfully. She wanted me to read it because it was the most effective way anyone can show anyone else the world from another time–through the eyes of people living during those times, so in this case, the characters of the story. I don’t know if I’ve been effected by that mentality but it was what I wanted to do with carciphona. Not that I don’t care about its characters, in fact I do dearly and everybody–even people who don’t do jack shit now–has something to contribute, but on top of the characters, I really do want the readers to see a convincing world from the characters’ eyes.

My world was really loosely built before this year so all of the story parts I’ve written have little focus on the environment. I’m also not a big reader so my writing skills and knowledge base is really limited. So far I’ve always relied on dialog between people of different backgrounds to describe the ways of the world, when true customary practices should show themselves in the environment, background, within the actions and reactions of people towards certain things without the need of words. I hope I can work some of these fixes into the next book and on and make cp a more convincing story so that even if people hate the characters, it wouldn’t hinder them to think that the world is believable and memorable, and even if all of its characters and the events were removed, the world would not fall apart.