Archive for October 6th, 2011

sweater weather

I thought I wouldn’t buy a new sketchbook because of all the crap I had to put up with, but in the end I still like being able to just flip to a page and draw I guess… and my table wouldn’t just be littered with sketch landmines that my parents can randomly flip over and detonate HAHA. So I bought a new one but I didn’t know how to look for what kind of books to buy, the pages in this one turned out to be really soft ): my hb pencil feels like a 2b on here ffff I like hard paper

more breaks! I did this last night in 5-minute intervals because I really wanted to sketch shit but I felt guilty since I should be working on pages HAHA. poofy clothes and bare legs LOL I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY FOR MYSELF

Some more pages! I am going to bring some sketched out pages to new york to ink with any minutes free time I have to help my work rate LOL. MY LIFE MUST SOUND SO TERRIBLE RIGHT NOW but I assure you it is not

idk when I would ever use these but I love these colours idc