NYAF next week!!

October 9, 2011 3:27 AM

Since I just realized that some people here don’t follow me anywhere else and therefore miss most of my announcements: I’ll be going to New York Anime Festival next weekend!! the Artist Alley is on the 4th floor,  please do make a trip there if you’re going :D I’ll be at table B22, at the far back LOL CRY Q___Q I am kind of looking forward to the con, somewhat worried because I’ve heard mixed things about the con and my circumstances forced me to ship a lot of stuff there (shipping any less would’ve cost me more money, even I don’t understand why or how) and I’m worried about not being able to carry all the leftovers back home if it turns out to be a bad convention. But mostly I’m just worried about NYC public transit because I’m staying at a place far away before and after the con and idk, ny never struck me as a friendly city so if I get lost or step in somewhere I’m not supposed to be, I’M DOOMED LMFAO ALDSFJLFshflkjkgh common sense please protect me

that aside, drawerings!!

special request for Flow! ugh 3rd classes UGH LOL CANT LIE ABOUT MY FERVENT HATE FOR 3RD CLASSES… also he looks like my archbishop lmfao fml /sameface

Got this shortly after posting that photo before. I was going for this mirror-like reflective floor like tiv and nardack but I very quickly cluttered the floor up with crap AS USUAL… I ran out of crap to fill at the top but now I think it’s ok to have some breathing room haha, I’ll have to get rid of some stuff at the bottom to balance it out so it doesn’t look like everything is falling into the bottom of the picture LOL. or leave it as is and put a title over the top for a book cover but this is obviously unacceptable as an official cover;;;;

I kinda really want to cg this picture but I just don’t have the time rn ): It’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to rush and ruin ideas so I write them down in words… maybe they’ll turn out nicer and more well thought out since all I can do about them is work on them in my head.


  • Wish U good Luck :)
    [Watching the previous entry, I noticed that you make first a "hand sketch" of every page XD And i always though you did it "digital" only LOL]
    Well, anyway :3 Best wishes in NYAF ^o^ ♥

    • haha it's not a sketch, it's the actual lines on the final page :D thanks for the good wishes!

  • Nicole

    Just to clarify, so you won't be at the Anime Festival the 15th or 16th? Cause that's when NY Comic Con is open :)

  • Good luck with NYCC! I wouldn't worry about new york too much, it's like a bigger and louder version of Toronto. I've heard the turn out of NYCC is usually pretty good too. As for the AB sketch, always liked the female design more :(!

  • It think you'll do well. I would have done well if I didn't have problems with transit but its the most money I've ever made. If you do well at otakon you'll do awesome at NYCC. Only thing is that I've heard they moved the AA to a better location so you should do even better.

    The only negative thing I really heard about the con is not capping the max amount of people earlier and not balancing the anime/ non anime events.

    I think it's going to be an awesome con, to bad I decided not to go this year cause of money and school.

  • Ruina

    That's why you have Shadilyn to guide you around NYC! :D

    I'm not a fan of the male AB design either, but you made him look cute despite the scary faces hovering around~ My male AB looks so dorky ever since he turned 3rd, all hawtness gone. :(

    I actually like how you cluttered the floor in the sketch. :x Somehow you manage to make it look really natural! Anytime I try to fill floor-space, it looks so forced. /swt

    Can't wait to see you again! :D

  • Oh, this blog post just reminded me of something I wanted to ask…

    Yes, I stalk your blog here (I'm just normally silent, LOL), but since you've set up an account on Tumblr, I'm not sure which one to follow/devote myself to anymore, as both blogs feature some different content. So which one do you update more, in your opinion? Which is your real blog? (Personally, I prefer this one, because Tumblr is somewhat inaccessible, but to each their own.)

    Anyway, loving the pics, especially the way you draw clothes; I just make up the folds randomly most of the time and pray that it looks right.

    Yes, that last pic should be a cover, hurrhurr. ;D

    Haha, thanks so much! Good luck in NY!


    • I always post everything from my tumblr (well, worth posting anyway, cus sometimes I just take shitty screenshots to post there LOL) on here. I prefer this one too but I don't write essays about my life on tumblr since I think most people would just want art HAHA. You won't miss a thing on this blog here (:

      And that's how I go about folds LOL somehow it works…

    • So I won't miss anything regardless? That's great to hear.
      And your blog essays-on-life-and-randomness are always interesting! Besides, Tumblr seems to love screwing up on me.

      Uh-huh. Folds=Random Lines. Lots of 'em.

      Instead of NY, you could come to Australia… *hinthintnudgenudge* T_T
      Although I should be grateful that I can bug you from the other side of the world. :)

    • hahah that's too expensive Q___Q

    • Alrighty, then! Come over when you have moar MONNIIEEESSS- 8D
      Is that a deal? :')

    • and when there's less bugs/snakes/scary things sure!