New York

October 20, 2011 3:03 PM

I’m home from NYAF! Thanks so much for coming by, saying hi, buying stuff and being such good sports in general :D I stayed for a week so that I could run around new york city after the convention is over. It turned out to be more of a travel/vacation to new york than going there for a con. The convention had nice hours so my friends and I was able to have a ton of happy fun time everyday after the con with food, games and ever so slight amount of drinking. A lot of my friends also visited during the con, I guess it was because of its location and size that so many people I knew were there and kept me awake/sane/entertained. I ran around the entire city on thursday morning, as well as monday and tuesday afterwards and I loved my stay there thoroughly. It was just a shame that my flights there and back were terrible due to the weather and the fucking border guards ruining my life for me treating me like an illegal immigrant, BUT I CAN LOOK PASS THAT I THINK…… I’m just so glad that all the misfortunes before and during my trip there were nothing more than scares, and the trip was both enjoyable and worthwhile, because my luck has been seriously fucked up LOL

Click read more to see some pictures and an overly long and detailed account of my trip :D

My misfortunes started right at the airport where the US border guard called me into a room for questioning BECAUSE I OBVIOUSLY LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO WILL CAUSE THE USA HARM. But no I didn’t bring my return flight ticket because,  you know, I can’t really print the ticket until I check in the day before and it didn’t really occur to me that they would care about such trivial shit and consider me a possible illegal immigrant. It scared the shit out of me because it was basically the only thing I was worried about; I can solve anything else with money and some common sense. In the end they wasted half an hour and let me go which I was glad, but still I’m pretty fucking sure the border guards stop way more innocent people than they stop people who they are actually looking for, just because we’re not prepared to have to PROVE our innocence for this kind of shit since we have nothing to cover up in the first place. The guy was being a huge douche bag making degrading comments about my life and career just trying to get me caught in a corner. While I understand the strategy when it comes to catching the real criminals, I really can’t be bothered to have to put up with this every single time I go to the states. as a canadian. I speak for most of us lowly commoners when I say, who the fuck would want to go LIVE in a place like the USA when canada is so much better? When I came back to canada the border guards were chillin and joking around. I asked them for a pen to fill out my declaration card cus all the pens at their booths were broken and one guy gave me his and was like here, take this, free of charge. And I’m greeted with a row of “welcome to canada” signs and when the officer didn’t recognize the name of the place I stayed at, he nicely prompted me a list of area names (queens, brooklyn etc) that he recognize until we agreed on a place Istayed at. Past that point I was just like fuck the USA idc how much of a joke canada is to most people, I’d rather be in this place forever.

The next day I brought all my shit to the convention center, which involved walking my 40 lb suitcase from 8th to 11th… but I have no one to blame for my frailty LOL. It was supposed to storm on that day; in fact it was supposed to storm on a lot of the days when it really really mattered, like me lugging my good to and back from the con, but by some divine luck it always only rained when I was indoors. After I setup I walked around the city blindly, following crowds of people, and somehow that brought me to times square HAHA. I was tempted to go into a lot of the stores I passed by but in the end I didn’t because they were all stores that I can find back home in malls, I think the novelty is just for peopel from overseas. The clothes there are overpriced too but I did buy a tiny little lacy tanktop from ae! I need to buy some more outside shirts to go with these tanks I’ve been buying, my (very limited) clothes selection is sooooo lopsided.

my table!

The actual con itself was ENOOORRRMOUSSSS… even bigger and scarier looking than fanexpo. I was just overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people that were there and how fucking crowded it was even though the showfloors were already so big that you GET LOST in it. I also didn’t realize that the artist alley is basically the ENTRANCE to the anime festival events which happened at a stage past the alley, so we had a lot of traffic, so much that when I had to find my artist friends in other parts of the alley it took very long just to get through the crowds. My sales were ok at first on friday, but after my friend Sharon arrived and sat in for me from time to time, especially on saturday, she sold my stuff like hotcakes IT’S LIKE PEOPLE ARE SCARED OF MY FACE OR SOMETHING. So I had Sharon and Kris man my booth while I sit in a corner on my luggage reading books I bought HAHA. AND THEN WHEN PEOPLE GO LIKE WHO IS THE ARTIST I CREEP OUT FROM BEHIND MY WALL OF PRINTS LOL. In the end I sold out of my artbooks on Saturday and my mind was just bloowwnnn that I had managed to sell them all, because they were really expensive in my mind and they were priced to hopefully last all three days. On the other hand, because of the artbook, the prints didnt sell as much as they did in other conventions but after the artbooks were gone, people switched over to buying prints.

Oh and here’s a masterpiece HERE ARE TWO MASTERPIECES sharon made out of a page I was working on there.

I took a little time to run down and try out the cintiq that was there; I didn’t try out the new 24″ because it was being used for their 1 minute drawing contest or something and I didn’t want to wait or take up people’s time. I tried the older 21″ and I loved it. I didn’t like the 24″ already anyway because it’s too large and can’t be rotated sideways, which is really really important. Now that I tried it I am hoping the new cintiq will make the old one drop a little in price, and I’ll hopefully pick up a nice second hand one once I’m finally free from my self-imposed deadlines.

Each day after the con, our host, Sharon’s friends Mark and Will would take us to nice restaurants which was just godsend considering how I usually prepare myself to starve for a couple of days every time I go to a con. We had japanese grill, taiwanese dessert, and fondu and they were all just lovely. Will also mixed us drinks and we played boardgames for like ever. I’ve had way more fun with these people than with most of my long time old friends. It’s most likely because of how tame things are around here and the fact that we’re all chinese and usually too concerned about being polite and considerate, and wasting time and money to actually have fun.

Fondu! CHOCOLATE FONDU!!! the waiter set the other pot on fire but I missed it ):

view from mark’s rooftop

On monday and tuesday after the con I ran around manhattan some more; went all around the area stretching wtc and brooklyn bridge on monday, then went to the met with kris on tuesday. my legs were so uncomfortable from how out of shape I am LOL… but it was nice because I like being next to people who are all in a rush to go somewhere and get things done. I didn’t go into any tourist attractions because one of my favourite part of traveling is really just walking around and pretending I live there. On Tuesday Kris took me to the Met during her break; I don’t know if it’s because we didn’t have a map but it felt smaller than the and not as cool as british museum. The paintings there were soooo gooooddd ughh I wish the AGO had some cool paintings and it wasn’t so damn far and inconvenient to get to LOL. I was going to go to central park after she went back to class but it was already getting dark so I ended up window shopping on 34th for a while to wrap up my adventure.

view from kris’s rooftop… I promise I don’t just walk into people’s apartments and invade their roofs

The rest of my boring photos are here :D I just changed my europe album script a little for this so the url and title still says europe HAHA


  • Darian


    I saw the post up on DeviantArt about your artbook being up for pre-order, and since it seemed real neat I starting lurking your page. I ended up browsing through your Dev, reading the whole comic and creeping your blog all in one sitting XD

    I kept having the weird feeling that one of your prints were REALLY familiar, and now I remember; you were at Otakuthon :0 Wish I had seen your stuff beforehand, 'cause really I want to buy the artbook and comic now :3

    This coming summer I suppose~

  • A. Hormell

    The sad thing is, I'm from the USA and even I'm tired of it's shit lol. My friend is trying to convince me to move to Canada cause he says it's a lot better and I won't have to deal with idiot assholes on a power trip.
    Our stupid border patrol men give us a bad reputation ~.~

    And it sounds like you had soooooo much fun in NYC, I had plans on going down there to the anime con, but then I got slammed with babysitting my aunt's house during it so I was seriously just sitting there mopping because I was missing out. lol.
    Maybe I'll be able to catch it next year unless someone else finds something for me to do lol.

    But the pictures are sooooo great, and its okay if you raided people's apartments to get the pictures, for most New Yorkers around here if you raid their apartment for pictures its like some compliment lol.
    We're weird like that I guess.

    And the picture of Sharon's masterpiece is just great, it totally made my day :D

  • I'm glad you had a wonderful experience! Sucks about the traveling before and after, but it sounds like the con itself made it worth it! I'm so surprised you had that much trouble, since you don't look exactly look the suspicious type. Must have been the amount of luggage you were carrying, maybe they thought you were a smuggler or something. But even if you were carrying 2 huge suitcases I still can't imagine that being suspicious.

    I hope you're able to come back next year (and that you won't meet douchbag border patrol guy again), I was originally going to go with some friends (since I live in the area and for some reason EVERYONE I knew this year was going) but at the last minute decided not to in order to catch up on some work.

    Did you stop by the Occupy Wall St. protests, since you were around that area?

    Ahh, we have some amazing food in NY don't we, one of my favorite things about the city. :) Do you remember the names of any of restaurants you went to?

    • haha by the time I got there they were already kicked out of wall street. and I only remember the fondu place which is called melting pot located at hoboken (: the japanese place was called yaki something something at astor's place XD

  • Glad you had a good time here in the big apple, and at the com. :3
    Thought your flight back would be a little more comfortable. :/

  • Sei-chan

    Really glad to hear you had fun despite all the small misfortunes. Apparently USA thinks that foreigner or foreign-looking people, especially of Asian ethnicity, all are to be suspected of something. Bet that wouldn't have been the case to such an extreme degree with Caucasian-looking people, which is fucked up >.< And yeah, Canada sure beats the hell out of USA in my opinion as well, my number 2 choice in terms of possible countries were I should emigrate(still keeping UK on top position though, Canada has more strict rules for emigration T^T)

  • Aww, I REALLY want to buy your prints and artbook! ;~; plz come to a convention in alberta one day! XD Lol US boarder guards are scary, they grilled my friend with questions too and he was asian.. o_o
    Well glad to see you had a good time! :D