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I haven’t decided what colour pair eyes des should have yet so he’ll be a rei lookalike for now
I bought a 21″ cintiq! This happened a few weeks ago actually, it’s just that it took over a week to arrive and the guy forgot to pack the power supply so that took another week ): I’ve been meaning to get it since the middle of the year actually, but failed to find any place where I could try it because I wasn’t going to buy something this expensive without knowing if it’s good or not. The power supply delay made it JUST too late though because I had finished volume 2 cover the day before ): luckily this time around, putting volume 2 together in pdf didn’t take that long because oh my god I’m slowly becoming more experienced!!!! so I snuck in some time to try it out in between waiting communication with the printer.

I didn’t get a screen protector because I was just going to do the same transparency thing I had done for my intuos, but I haven’t found a sheet big enough yet so the whole time I was paranoid about damaging the screen LMAO… I also didn’t buy a glove so I just held a piece of tissue paper which worked like magic. It wasn’t brand new (guy claimed it was only used for a few hours and I haven’t found any evidence against that claim yet) so the guy wiped the screen with a wet towel I guess, maybe, so it had some botches on the screen like when you wipe glass, but 2 hrs of drawing with the tissue paper on my hand and the screen is sparkling clean LOL. I will have to find a more ergonomic setup though because it’s way too high up right now and my arm gets uncomfortable… once again I’m looking back at these amazing extension arms from ergotron which cost lot but look glorious. Back then I was a little disappointed because they’re ingenius, but I don’t actually have a use or need for those things. now that I do… I’m finding ways out of it because I’m pretty sure like the screen protector and glove, I most likely don’t need it LOL.

And here’s when I first plugged it in :’D actually I lied it took me forever to figure out how to setup dual monitors even though it was so fucking easy and I was already on the last step. The concept of dragging a window into a different monitor is just alien to me ): and that is the cover for book 2 ! I am so happy with blackbird’s face, I’m not sure how I did it, must be praying to the right gods

In other news I’m thinking of getting a new motherboard/cpu/ram tomorrow, since this store near me apparently has discounts for black friday even though it’s not a canadian thing… it’s just that I spent a lot of money already this year so I somehow feel like distributing the costs over time, even though it would make absolutely no difference and this is actually a justifiable cause. It wouldn’t cost much either since my video card is still pretty good and I won’t be buying top of the line stuff. I guess I can just see it as one of those years when everything suddenly becomes outdated all at once! I won’t need to buy electronics again for a looonggg time. UNLESS someone suddenly invents something amazing and crucial to the sustainment of life, but steve jobs is dead so the likelihood of that happening is pretty low.

Hello snow

It snowed a bit today! Not that I want any until all my books are shipped but WINTER IS FINALLY HERE. And that flower patch I took a photo of just 2 weeks ago? dead HAHA


And I finished the last of the pages! I still have to put the book together and finish extra content/the cover. But man I toned at the speed of light, 12 pages in 2 days LOL;;; I think it’s because I inked them all, then lettered them all, flatted them all, and toned them all. It cut out a lot of of the getting into gear bullshit that I had to go through in the past. I just might consider doing this for future pages, but I will have to wait a while and then read it again to see if the quality suffered from it. I can’t quite tell right now from the 2.5 months of manga marathon LOL.

Ending with some more reflection (:

I got shit to dooo

ALL PAGES FOR CP BOOK 2 ARE INKED! hopefully I can finish toning 12 or so pages in the next few days haha. I feel so pumped about finishing it right now but I’m sure it will die down in the next few hours during which I will pain myself with endless revisions to the dialogue.

and I started packing some orders since the books are here! the printing company was crazy and packed like 80 books per box and they’re like… 60 lbs per box I CAN BARELY PUSH THEM ON SMOOTH HARDWOOD FLOOR. I’ve spent most of the afternoon yesterday and today signing the books but I’m still not quite done. One thing that I didn’t realize was white books are just like white cars or iphones or anything else… they are VERY hard to keep in pristine condition, even just through the printing process. I didn’t have any of this problem with my manga book because the cover was littered with dark colours and details, but all the white/near-white on this book made even tiny unavoidable specks and flaws glaring. I ended up wiping all of them with tissue paper while signing and isolated about 20 books that I just feel bad selling. Most likely though I will try another company, or at least scold this one and see if it will make them behave, as my dad’s scolding got his previous company to produce better products. most of the books are perfectly fine and I understand there WILL be factory defects for everything ever produced, but when most of them is dirt (nothing gross, just pixel-size flakes of ink) related I don’t feel so forgiving because they can totally be avoided.

I also got einlee‘s art book in the mail yesterday!! hers put mine to shame both in actual content and quality of printing. the art is sooo glorious and the design is sooo classy…………… this is where my urge to make another book in order to redeem myself pours in LOL. I am so glad that I can keep doing this and this book wouldn’t be my last, because that kind of final feeling makes all the things I could not achieve in this book a lot worse than they already are. WORK HARD AND DO BETTER NEXT TIME!!!

but in the mean time, behoooolllld its gloryyyyy


obligatory picture of that picture frame on my wal-I mean my window. I miss sketching and posting scraps ;-;

sea of clouds

I picked up my books today! I would post some pictures of mountains of books, but the boxes are stacked like a brick wall in the hallway atm and I am actually not strong enough to lift the individual boxes LMFAO……… And storenvy has been doing its job pretty well (aside from the the fact that apparently one has to sign up for storenvy to buy a book? I didn’t know that) and I spent wayyy less time than last time organizing the preorders, so so far, so good!

I went out with Jenny Saturday FINALLY to demetre’s to “celebrate” my art book release. It feels very weird because I really don’t see the point of doing something like that and it just felt like I was just neglecting work or something LOL;;;; cus in between all the prep work for the preorder event, I’ve been lagging behind on pages per week. nonetheless the (enormous) sundae I had was delicious. Jenny ordered an ice cream crepe but our server was a new guy apparently, and I’m not sure if he made the ice creams, he might have, because it didn’t look as good as the ones I’ve had before. but whatever he was cute and MY STOMACH DOES NOT JUDGE

And today during my quest to clear customs for my books and pick them up, I had to visit the border services agency which is located IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR AIRPORT? like a batch of buildings boxed in by 3 runways, you have to drive under the runways to get there it was pretty weird. But damn it was the first time in ages that I’ve been to such a humongous open flat space, and the ceiling today is probably really high so all the clouds were amazingly detailed and I couldn’t help but to stare at it like I lived under a rock all my life, which is not far off truth LOL. this is like the only instance where I wish I lived in a highrise.
bet those officers don’t see easily amused little girls snapping pictures of the sky after clearing customs for freight very often huh



And here are some flowers on our front porch idk why they’re suddenly blooming because it’s november