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sea of clouds

I picked up my books today! I would post some pictures of mountains of books, but the boxes are stacked like a brick wall in the hallway atm and I am actually not strong enough to lift the individual boxes LMFAO……… And storenvy has been doing its job pretty well (aside from the the fact that apparently one has to sign up for storenvy to buy a book? I didn’t know that) and I spent wayyy less time than last time organizing the preorders, so so far, so good!

I went out with Jenny Saturday FINALLY to demetre’s to “celebrate” my art book release. It feels very weird because I really don’t see the point of doing something like that and it just felt like I was just neglecting work or something LOL;;;; cus in between all the prep work for the preorder event, I’ve been lagging behind on pages per week. nonetheless the (enormous) sundae I had was delicious. Jenny ordered an ice cream crepe but our server was a new guy apparently, and I’m not sure if he made the ice creams, he might have, because it didn’t look as good as the ones I’ve had before. but whatever he was cute and MY STOMACH DOES NOT JUDGE

And today during my quest to clear customs for my books and pick them up, I had to visit the border services agency which is located IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR AIRPORT? like a batch of buildings boxed in by 3 runways, you have to drive under the runways to get there it was pretty weird. But damn it was the first time in ages that I’ve been to such a humongous open flat space, and the ceiling today is probably really high so all the clouds were amazingly detailed and I couldn’t help but to stare at it like I lived under a rock all my life, which is not far off truth LOL. this is like the only instance where I wish I lived in a highrise.
bet those officers don’t see easily amused little girls snapping pictures of the sky after clearing customs for freight very often huh



And here are some flowers on our front porch idk why they’re suddenly blooming because it’s november