I got shit to dooo

November 11, 2011 7:43 PM

ALL PAGES FOR CP BOOK 2 ARE INKED! hopefully I can finish toning 12 or so pages in the next few days haha. I feel so pumped about finishing it right now but I’m sure it will die down in the next few hours during which I will pain myself with endless revisions to the dialogue.

and I started packing some orders since the books are here! the printing company was crazy and packed like 80 books per box and they’re like… 60 lbs per box I CAN BARELY PUSH THEM ON SMOOTH HARDWOOD FLOOR. I’ve spent most of the afternoon yesterday and today signing the books but I’m still not quite done. One thing that I didn’t realize was white books are just like white cars or iphones or anything else… they are VERY hard to keep in pristine condition, even just through the printing process. I didn’t have any of this problem with my manga book because the cover was littered with dark colours and details, but all the white/near-white on this book made even tiny unavoidable specks and flaws glaring. I ended up wiping all of them with tissue paper while signing and isolated about 20 books that I just feel bad selling. Most likely though I will try another company, or at least scold this one and see if it will make them behave, as my dad’s scolding got his previous company to produce better products. most of the books are perfectly fine and I understand there WILL be factory defects for everything ever produced, but when most of them is dirt (nothing gross, just pixel-size flakes of ink) related I don’t feel so forgiving because they can totally be avoided.

I also got einlee‘s art book in the mail yesterday!! hers put mine to shame both in actual content and quality of printing. the art is sooo glorious and the design is sooo classy…………… this is where my urge to make another book in order to redeem myself pours in LOL. I am so glad that I can keep doing this and this book wouldn’t be my last, because that kind of final feeling makes all the things I could not achieve in this book a lot worse than they already are. WORK HARD AND DO BETTER NEXT TIME!!!

but in the mean time, behoooolllld its gloryyyyy


obligatory picture of that picture frame on my wal-I mean my window. I miss sketching and posting scraps ;-;