Archive for November 17th, 2011

Hello snow

It snowed a bit today! Not that I want any until all my books are shipped but WINTER IS FINALLY HERE. And that flower patch I took a photo of just 2 weeks ago? dead HAHA


And I finished the last of the pages! I still have to put the book together and finish extra content/the cover. But man I toned at the speed of light, 12 pages in 2 days LOL;;; I think it’s because I inked them all, then lettered them all, flatted them all, and toned them all. It cut out a lot of of the getting into gear bullshit that I had to go through in the past. I just might consider doing this for future pages, but I will have to wait a while and then read it again to see if the quality suffered from it. I can’t quite tell right now from the 2.5 months of manga marathon LOL.

Ending with some more reflection (: