November 26, 2011 4:17 AM

I haven’t decided what colour pair eyes des should have yet so he’ll be a rei lookalike for now
I bought a 21″ cintiq! This happened a few weeks ago actually, it’s just that it took over a week to arrive and the guy forgot to pack the power supply so that took another week ): I’ve been meaning to get it since the middle of the year actually, but failed to find any place where I could try it because I wasn’t going to buy something this expensive without knowing if it’s good or not. The power supply delay made it JUST too late though because I had finished volume 2 cover the day before ): luckily this time around, putting volume 2 together in pdf didn’t take that long because oh my god I’m slowly becoming more experienced!!!! so I snuck in some time to try it out in between waiting communication with the printer.

I didn’t get a screen protector because I was just going to do the same transparency thing I had done for my intuos, but I haven’t found a sheet big enough yet so the whole time I was paranoid about damaging the screen LMAO… I also didn’t buy a glove so I just held a piece of tissue paper which worked like magic. It wasn’t brand new (guy claimed it was only used for a few hours and I haven’t found any evidence against that claim yet) so the guy wiped the screen with a wet towel I guess, maybe, so it had some botches on the screen like when you wipe glass, but 2 hrs of drawing with the tissue paper on my hand and the screen is sparkling clean LOL. I will have to find a more ergonomic setup though because it’s way too high up right now and my arm gets uncomfortable… once again I’m looking back at these amazing extension arms from ergotron which cost lot but look glorious. Back then I was a little disappointed because they’re ingenius, but I don’t actually have a use or need for those things. now that I do… I’m finding ways out of it because I’m pretty sure like the screen protector and glove, I most likely don’t need it LOL.

And here’s when I first plugged it in :’D actually I lied it took me forever to figure out how to setup dual monitors even though it was so fucking easy and I was already on the last step. The concept of dragging a window into a different monitor is just alien to me ): and that is the cover for book 2 ! I am so happy with blackbird’s face, I’m not sure how I did it, must be praying to the right gods

In other news I’m thinking of getting a new motherboard/cpu/ram tomorrow, since this store near me apparently has discounts for black friday even though it’s not a canadian thing… it’s just that I spent a lot of money already this year so I somehow feel like distributing the costs over time, even though it would make absolutely no difference and this is actually a justifiable cause. It wouldn’t cost much either since my video card is still pretty good and I won’t be buying top of the line stuff. I guess I can just see it as one of those years when everything suddenly becomes outdated all at once! I won’t need to buy electronics again for a looonggg time. UNLESS someone suddenly invents something amazing and crucial to the sustainment of life, but steve jobs is dead so the likelihood of that happening is pretty low.


  • arhiee

    i have the same problem as you with the cintiq! [''it’s way too high up right now and my arm gets uncomfortable''] I'm not comfortable when i'm sitting on my chair, just because of that OTL i think the problem is that i'm not tall enough OAO
    i don't use tissues, i purchased a cheap white glove in a cheap store [2 gloves=60 cents] and i cut them like the wacom ones [i cut 3-4 fingers] because wacom's gloves are pricey >:I and they work very well..they clean too, because the glove i'm using atm is completely dirty : D

  • Second hand of the brand site? :3

    • not sure what you meant by brand site but it was second hand from ebay ^^

    • That's what I'd wanted to know, thanks. x3
      What I had meant was if it had been from Wacom's store or some other reseller, since Wacom usually sells the demonstration tablets at lower prices. :)

  • Helios

    Something earthy? Green or brown eyes (no idea why)…

    Mmrrrrr that cintiq is gorgeous * ^* wow, it's huge though, lol, compared to your laptop screen anyway. No wonder people have a special desk set-up for those things; but if you use it enough you'll probably figure out a good configuration for it …There's a special glove? C: ?

    I feel weird when I spend a lot in one year, too. Even when I know I need it and haven't purchased anything substantial in ages. I worry about my little credit card~

    • actually the screen behind it is a desktop screen, and it's the same size as the cintiq, just the camera angle messing it up XD

  • Ohhhhhh man, that cintiq is sexy looking ;D! So you lay a piece of paper over your tablets too huh? I read about that a couple of days ago and have been meaning to try it as a way to stop going through pen nibs like crazy. I know you've only been using it for a little bit, but how have you liked it sor far? I've heard other artists say the cintiq can be finicky when being used as a second monitor and customizing its express keys. Either way…

    I'm jealous*grabby hands*!

    • I like it! I never use the intuos4 express keys and I'm not using them on the cintiq either. I spent a while trying to make the most convenient setup possible, but it still doesn't beat just using keyboard shortcuts because I'm so used to them. Plus there are scroll bars on either side behind the screen and I keep accidentally scrolling haha;; right now I only have zoom in and zoom out on the express keys because those are the only shortcuts that I use constantly that require both hands. my left hand still sits on the keyboard (:

  • Chris

    Congrats on the Cintiq Shilin :)
    Des looks like Rei's distant clone uncle or something :P.

  • Maiev

    Hehe, they have good deals for Boxing Day :) There's no need to hurry hehe! SSD is quite cheap, picked up a 80GB Intel yesterday :3

  • don't repeat my mistake and buy screen protector xD;

    Blackbird looks sooo nice in the pic *__*

  • Desdesdes- oooh, what's this new pic for? Another cover, or just a stand-alone picture? It's very nice so far! *applauds*

    Yes, I was wondering why he looked sorta different… and then it really hit me; his eyes. Well, tell us when you decide the colours! They can be any colour, and not necessarily a stark contrast, right? Well, that red looks quite nice with his hair, so maybe keep that as an option?

    Oh, lucky person! What does it feel like? Overall, do you prefer the Cintiq to the more conventional tablets?

    • it's not for anything, it was just a scrap just a scrap for trying out the cintiq.

      I haven't used the cintiq to know how good it can be, and I will have to go back to intuos later to see if I like it better, because in general whenever I upgrade I never can tell the difference LOL. I'm sure I'll be happy when I need to rotate the screen/draw straight lines lolol