maiden drawing

December 3, 2011 4:21 AM

if the seller’s claim is true, I’m pretty sure he never finished anything on the cintiq since he only played with it for a few hours. So this illus is my cintiq’s maiden voyage >u< This is Claret from Teahouse and the full image will be available sometime next year LOL.

But I’ll just say I love the cintiq and I’m so relieved that I do. I feel a lot less inclined to zoom in because of the precision it offers me, and I believe I undo a lot less since most of the undoing I did with the old tablets are just brush strokes that I can’t get to exactly where I want even though I already know where I want them. I can actually scribble now and do faster paint strokes because I don’t have to estimate where each stroke is going. I LOVE BEING ABLE TO NOT HAVE TO ~FIND~ THE SPOT I WANT TO GET TO… even though I’ve used a tablet for 11 years now and it has never felt unnatural (only inconvenient at times). It’s just great that I can pretend I’m drawing on paper; I’m actually glad that I drew all my manga pages on paper with pencil because otherwise I wouldn’t feel familiar with this, and certainly not enjoy this.


  • LcieFocus


  • Sounds like you're enjoying the Cintiq! I can see improvements even in that small picture; the brushwork looks more natural and there's a nicer, softer feeling <3

    Can't wait till you post the finished picture! :D

  • Helios

    lol I thought that was her! Yay, Claret! <3 Teahouse girls need more love.

    Anywho, good to know you and your Cintiq are playing nicely with each other. I thought you'd christen it with some dramatic Veloce, but I won't say no to Teahouse o ^o

    Mm, I think that's why I haven't bonded with my tablet yet; I never know for sure where I'm sending my scribbles when my pen goes to work. I still adore it, but I often just have flings with it before going home to my pencil and paper.

  • Killadroid

    Wait…Does this mean that you won't be drawing your pages on paper any more? :P

  • I swear…if hearing about the great time you're having with your cintiq doesn't make me attempt taking commissions to fund getting one XD…But I get what you mean about zooming in and the problem with precision. Even with minute details, I find myself zooming in to 150-300% just to know my brush strokes are where I want them to be. Claret's looking adorable there!

  • Stupid internet keeps eating my reply. >:/

    As I was saying, I am drooling all over your cintiq! Tablets do have a weird feeling to them since I guess you can't "see" what's you're actually drawing. (Eyes on screen, hand on tablet?)

    But wah… I want my own cintiq too. ;.; I'll have to wait another year before that can happen, but heck… Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? ;u;

  • obscure

    One day I'll have a Cintiq too~
    Her hair turned up awesome. Although you should post a pic of her boobs too. X3

  • Cintiq just sounds so much fun >3< maybe I'll be able to buy in a decade or so xD