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book 2 proof

It’s here! I swear this company makes the worst proofs but I guess this is what I get for getting proofs without having to pay LOL… apparently it’s really busy for them right now, and my book is backwards and doesn’t have page numbers on every page so it made it hell for them to arrange. The first book was wrong in a whole bunch of places but I’m glad they got the page orders right in the end. I can imagine how fucking pissed they would be at my books hahaha, and I’m not even printing a lot of them so they probably have very little patience with all the shit they have to go through with my books lmao…

I hadn’t even opened them yet and they were already falling apart hahahah


In other news, I wanted to draw something for my spanish translator celes because she is so punctual and nice, but she requested meron paired with des or veloce so I’m not sure if this even counts as a request LOL… but it’s not something I would have drawn myself so I guess I can pass :D…?
I clearly have no regard for age here because veloce is like 10 years younger than meron wahahahaha r: