December 10, 2011 3:33 AM

My mom really likes going out but she rarely gets a chance to because my dad is cheap, my grandma doesn’t like going out, and I never have time. So my job over christmas is apparently to keep her company and go to places with her! I’m having a life due to third party influences oh my god


the ox tail was realllly good

oh look it’s like a scene straight out of the upcoming pages in chapter 6


  • Lineith

    I'd never heard of an ox tail dish before. Looks delicious~
    Third party influences have their surprises.

  • This doesn't look like an Asian restaurant. I never really looked into how other cultures prepare oxtail. I just Googled and apparently it's a common Italian dish?

    • It's a white restaurant run by chinese people in a chinese mall :D I'm not sure what the origins of the dishes are LOL

  • Helios

    Ox tail! o ^o So gooood. I mean, it sounds uber weird and I didn't understand why my mom would put that in a stew, but my stomach knew. It always knows before my mind does. Sounds like you had happy tiems!

  • Just what I need to see when I'm heading to bed :9*drools*!

  • A. Hormell

    Omg all that food looks so goooooooood. It makes me hungry.

  • obscure

    how the hell they get those vegetables so shiny and pretty.