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shuffling along


I feel a lot more comfortable starting a drawing with contours and lines even though theoretically slapping down botches of shapes or gradients should help me see a picture better ): so I did this a few weeks ago when I was at a loss of what to draw. I was going ot wait until I refine it a little before posting it because for some reason my sketches are becoming increasingly illegible over the years, but it seems like I won’t have the time for that for a while LOL… I was going to make the white space into a figure hugging and complementing the horned person, but this will probably turn into one of those it-looked-good-in-my-head ideas XD

I’ve also taken on a 30-day challenge for drawing some RO themed stuff in order to assert my status as an ro tard, but I’m going to do it slow because I don’t have the time LOL… somehow whenever I try to quickly draw up something, it turns into crack and everyone becomes derpy


zzzz hopefully when I finish these commissions I can pull my act together and draw some personal art again



wow I kinda just… died after new year’s LOL. I keep waiting for myself to sketch up something so I can post it here along with anything else I wanted to write, but I just didn’t draw anything at all. I’ve been busy rushing to finish off volume 3 thumbnails because it has taken far too long, then I started drawing them out right away because based on the pace I settled on, it’s going to take forever to finish if I don’t pick up my pace and make up for the 2 months of break between finishing the last book and starting this one. I’ve also taken my relatives everywhere to get their government IDs and school stuff taken care of since their immigration, and by the end of the day whenever I sit down, I just don’t want to draw. It’s kinda that time where I haven’t finished something serious for so long that I’ve accumulated so much I want to accomplish on the next drawing and end up not being able to do anything instead. I think some inspirational outdoors trip is long due ): So I’ve just been doing random 20-min photo studies instead HAHA (something I’ve been meaning to do for years………………..) hopefully I’ll stop caring sometime soon!

In other news, I watched the second season of avatar! I don’t remember what happened in the first season anymore but I don’t think I liked it very much back then, else I would have had a stronger impression. I did like the second season a lot though, mostly if not almost entirely because of the characters. The story is well thought out and nicely played but there are still a lot of stuff I don’t like about it, so I guess it pales in comparison to how the characters strike me. Whether or not I like the type of character I feel they were really believable. on top of that I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that toph is such a girly character and just not what I had anticipated. And even at the end, after going through so much struggles back and forth, when presented the opportunity, zuko still returned to his original ambitions because even though ideally, a character morphs for the better but realistically, no one can really so easily drop what they’ve pursued for so long just because of a couple of inspiring events, especially someone so young. I wish I could be more brave and persistent in writing character flaws but my desire for balance is way too strong ): I just feel the need to sort everything out and maintain order at any given point in the story. No matter what happens in my story, I don’t think I ever let anything feel like they’ve gone out of control.

now presenting mudkip on his bahamutmobile. My room faces south now so if only I slept at normal times, I would see beautiful sunrises everyday. but who cares anyway it’s just sunrise and not nearly as important as going to sleep at 4am

And Happy Chinese New Year if you’re celebrating! I’ll be having the most festive new year gathering yet tomorrow in just about 10 years, with my uncle and aunt (separate)’s families present! To think we used to have like 10+ families gatherings just because our families are huge LOL BUT I THINK THIS IS BIG ENOUGH. I think I’ll go insane if I went back to the old days…………..


ok this post has nothing to do with the new year but happy new year! I’m going to jump straight to business like any other day lalalala

so!! my dad is back home from China and my aunt’s family have moved in! they’re great so far but I’ll leave that for later because I still haven’t gotten too acquainted with them… BUT YEAH my dad also brought back 2 copies of carciphona volume 1 and 2! The rest are on the way to be shipped here. It printed really well! we had paper, size and weight ink concerns at first, also this company has apparently never printed comic books before because they specialize in art books, magazines and such, so they were really confused about a lot of stuff LOL;;; but I’m glad that after all the shit we gave them that the final books (or well just this one) is awesome. now to pray for not so many factory defects this time!!

I remember I really aimed for the thin lines and neat look for volume 2, at least compared to volume 1 because I actually went out of my way to thicken lines for line thickness variation in volume 1. It really stood out in volume 2 with the bigger canvas and the fact that I crammed a lot of material in the latter half of the book due to page count issues, and now that I’m comparing them side to side, I kinda miss the bold lines sometimes haha ;; It’s so clean and neat and organized now. I’ll have to remember to make use of both in fitting circumstances, because the thin lines and detailed look helped a lot in drawing elaborate the elaborate backgrounds the story keeps finding itself in.

yaa pictures of our yard!!! EXCITING