shuffling along

January 31, 2012 2:14 AM


I feel a lot more comfortable starting a drawing with contours and lines even though theoretically slapping down botches of shapes or gradients should help me see a picture better ): so I did this a few weeks ago when I was at a loss of what to draw. I was going ot wait until I refine it a little before posting it because for some reason my sketches are becoming increasingly illegible over the years, but it seems like I won’t have the time for that for a while LOL… I was going to make the white space into a figure hugging and complementing the horned person, but this will probably turn into one of those it-looked-good-in-my-head ideas XD

I’ve also taken on a 30-day challenge for drawing some RO themed stuff in order to assert my status as an ro tard, but I’m going to do it slow because I don’t have the time LOL… somehow whenever I try to quickly draw up something, it turns into crack and everyone becomes derpy


zzzz hopefully when I finish these commissions I can pull my act together and draw some personal art again


  • LOL I totally could not decipher that sketch of yours for the longest time, no matter how I looked. Took about two days or so, but now I finally see it! XD

    I find that RO… has great character and clothing/accessory design. It never worked when I attempted to download it, though. (And I can see the resemblance!)

  • Killadroid

    I can kind of see where you wanted that painting to go. Hopefully you can find a solution for it soon :).
    Your RO challenge drawing is so funny xD

  • I've always wanted to try that monochrome/grayscale splotches, leads to some kind of art or sketch method. Though I don't know, I looks a little messy as compared to defined sketches and lineart, but from that image you posted, it looks like you're on to something. I can see birds and a figure taking shape. Also, always loved your RO art and you make that meme look tempting to try out!