dfo stuffs

April 6, 2012 6:33 PM

my wm

and a random default berserker

I mean it’s nice that dfo makes me draw a DIFFERENT CHARACTER… or someone of a DIFFERENT GENDER… and body build… someone whose name is neither veloce nor blackbird

Drawing these make me tone at the speed of light, because I force myself to leave this at 3am so I tone like 4 pages a day, and shit this out in an hour since I have to sleep afterwards. While the resulting pictures are totally boring and one dimensional, it’s all for a good cause…right???

but yeah 30/38 pages toned!! :D


  • LOfSilver

    the wm is that a warrior mage, its interesting to see the concept of magically projected twin blades. and a but the berserker looks kind of off character. since berserker are more known to have originally a passive introvert face while posessing a more gritter body to show him going into berserk after his limit break. the eyes of the berserker doesnt have the eyes of a berserker but of a joyriding kind of eyes. than again this is just my personal opinion so you dont have to take it to heart.

    • wm is short for weapon master (: and this is how the berserker class in the game is like. Their skills reflect them to be frenzied lunatics but I drew this on the border of sanity and insanity ^^

  • Berserker looks fun, though I think the hip looks off. Perhaps it's just me. Probably.

    What is dfo?

  • A. Hormell

    God I wish I could draw guys like you, even if they are quick throw together sketches ;~;
    And yeah, if drawing game fanart motivates you, then go ahead and go for it!
    Really loving the insane swordsman <3

  • That second pic…nothing like an insane swordsman. If drawing game fanart gives you that extra push to work on comic pages, I say go for it!