more dfo stuffs

April 20, 2012 2:19 PM


SHHHH says (1:33 AM):
*maybe i should change it to original art before it’s too late
Juby says (1:33 AM):
SHHHH says (1:34 AM):
*this is why i can never do fanart
Juby says (1:34 AM):
*fanart u liek anyway
SHHHH says (1:34 AM):
Juby says (1:34 AM):
*”oh i liek this… *IT’S VELOCE*

rogue aka silvermoon from dfo~ she looked exactly like my blue herbs sinx haha, but fortunately her artist was still amazing when she was conceptualized so she had smokin hot character art unlike sinx… lol ):

I made a rogue because her skills in game are so magnificent and perfect to watch. I felt the same when I started playing dfo with rangers but apparently rangers suck without good gear and I’m too poor for good gear! I hope rogue isn’t like that too but even if she wasn’t, I still shouldn’t have started one because I play games SO BADLY I can rarely ever do the correct action for a certain situation. It doesn’t help that I main a weapon master who I think is similar to rogue to an extent, so I keep trying to use skills I don’t have and just stand there like an idiot getting beat up LOL. I’m probably more suited to play something like an elementalist or necro or mech but you know, eye candy wins the contest!