how did I get so busy

May 8, 2012 4:10 AM

I only had 2-3 commissions last month but somehow the sheer fact that they are commissions stressed me out so much. I had such a crappy week last week too, everything pissed me off and everybody was annoying. I couldn’t sleep well for most of the week for whatever reason (maybe this was the cause HAHA) I would fall asleep 1-2 hours late and wake up 2-3 hours early and not be able to go back to sleep. I still am like this but at least I’m feeling tired now so hopefully that will change ]: I also noticed that I overwrote CP layout psd file with a new work in progress one, so for my CP anniversary picture, I had to code a new site with the half complete new layout. And then I realized I overwrote my commission psd with the preview arrangement in screen res… but it was just a rough so not a HUGE loss, just very annoying since the client still wanted changes before I actually go ahead and render them. But at least somehow I shat out 2 or 3 new drawings last month aside from commissions, and I’m getting back on track on drawing some pages and writing some story. It just feels sooooo much better to be working on my own stuff lol T____T

A chibi I drew for some vote/shop links on the new CP layout! I’m thinking of making thank you cards with this drawing too to send with orders of my books. I had some from Christmas but I ran out and I wasn’t that happy with them, but a bunch of people replied with appreciative comments about the inclusion of the cards, and some pointed out that they used it as a bookmark as well, so I just might make some more to send with the books again (but in bookmark measurements this time, since the last one was an awkward business card size!)

And tonight I spent about half an hour on these little things, drawn from silhouettes. I’ve always wanted to try it but never did, and I found it to be nice! It made a lot of sense at least for these kinds of random concepts, and I saw a lot more ideas from staring at the shapes of the silhouettes than I would if I were to look at a naked figure and think about what I want to put on them. In all honestly I enjoy drawing skinny loli figures very much, I don’t know why I don’t try to give myself more chances to draw them in my story ]: OH THAT’S RIGHT I FORGOT I’M A MASOCHIST.


  • Helios

    Meron bookmarks! Better yet…Keri bookmarks!! 8D I'd read more. lol, but it does sound like a cute idea as 'thank you' items.

    Wow, those silhouettes and subsequent random characters are pretty creepy, in that good way that makes me want to see more. Sounds like a nice creative exercise. Where did the original silhouettes come from? As for incorporating them into CP, they can be part of the demons in Veloce's soul! Like…conscience fairies!

  • Maiev

    Hehe I do that from time to time, maybe just too much thoughts or simply, Toronto is cool at night, then once the Sun rises, it gets uber hot :o. I sometimes get steam out of bed.

  • Hope you're able to fix your sleep schedule soon! There's nothing more aggravating than mucking up your psd and accidentally saving the screwy version. But from that little buttons graphic, I can only imagine something cute layout wise. Does Meron normally have a tail?

  • Ruina

    A-aww, I hope you can catch up on your sleep… it's amazing how much one can get cranky from losing a few hours of sleep…… or perhaps that's just me. ._.

    And I adore your designsssss ;____; That's an interesting and smart idea to start from silhouettes! *__* I hope you'll make more in the future! I-I might try playing with it too.. *w*;;