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book 3 cover and stuff

I was going to use a sketch I found in my sketchbook that I did last year as the cover for book 3, and even the rough colour turned out good, but after sleeping on it for a few weeks, it started to look really static just like what some of my friends thought when they saw it initially, so during my extensive trips to the hospital as the driver last month, I sketched out another possible cover from a pose in the story itself with a generic manga cover layout. I spent like 5 minutes blocking out some major colours for it before I figured I should work on pages first LOL;;; but here they are as it stands:
Aside from the static pose, I rather like this version because it really grabs attention and has good focus.

This one has veloce on it, who I guess really should be on all covers since she’s the main character, and there is motion I suppose. Although I haven’t really worked on the colours so I can’t say for certain, but I’m a little worried that the colour job would just turn into some generically rendered character piece. I’m really torn between them but I can’t work on them until I’ve finished all pages for the book )’: which is taking FOREVER because of the change of scenery and all the other irl stuff I’ve had to deal with lately.

I did take an hour out to sketch this quickly even though it’s already autumn haha

And the next day I felt like doing a continuation:
Jokes on you blackbird, veloce is jesus she can stand on water

Back to fighting! cheers :D