book 3 cover and stuff

September 25, 2012 10:49 PM

I was going to use a sketch I found in my sketchbook that I did last year as the cover for book 3, and even the rough colour turned out good, but after sleeping on it for a few weeks, it started to look really static just like what some of my friends thought when they saw it initially, so during my extensive trips to the hospital as the driver last month, I sketched out another possible cover from a pose in the story itself with a generic manga cover layout. I spent like 5 minutes blocking out some major colours for it before I figured I should work on pages first LOL;;; but here they are as it stands:
Aside from the static pose, I rather like this version because it really grabs attention and has good focus.

This one has veloce on it, who I guess really should be on all covers since she’s the main character, and there is motion I suppose. Although I haven’t really worked on the colours so I can’t say for certain, but I’m a little worried that the colour job would just turn into some generically rendered character piece. I’m really torn between them but I can’t work on them until I’ve finished all pages for the book )’: which is taking FOREVER because of the change of scenery and all the other irl stuff I’ve had to deal with lately.

I did take an hour out to sketch this quickly even though it’s already autumn haha

And the next day I felt like doing a continuation:
Jokes on you blackbird, veloce is jesus she can stand on water

Back to fighting! cheers :D


  • Matsumoto

    Hmm the second cover looks better, but I wish Meron was on it. Too bad she's already on the second cover. Oh well, still looks good!

  • Helios

    I like the second one more as a whole, since it has more action to it, but I agree with Kurohiko that having Veloce looking so…Veloce-y in the corner makes her seem like the antagonist. And that Des is our hero-boy 8D

    That being said, my money's on the first for the cover. It might giveaway that he's the bad guy behind everything, but everyone and their kittehs knew he was the enemy from the start ( except Meron…we still love teh Mers though <3 ).

  • Maybe have one as the main cover and then one as the first page/second cover like you did with the second book? I'm torn though, I can't choose xD

  • kuroyue

    I like both covers, but maybe the first one a little more. I don't know if you see the picture the way I do, but for me it might look a bit static because that 'beam-like' structure in his flowing cape runs directly into the bottomright corner (which, if I remember correctly) is usually a compositional no-no. If you omit that part and just let the whole cape flow an inch or so above the corner, that would let my eyes travel more comfortably. But again, I'm not sure how subjective this is.

    • This is not the actual crop of the cover so that part won't be anchored to any corner. I'll take care not to make such a perfect diagonal line with the flow of his cape though, thanks! the static comment was really more for the fact that he's standing perfectly, with one arm hanging doing nothing to the side even. I just might try shifting his pose a little bit to make it so that I can use this version since a lot of people like it!

    • Oops! In that case, might I suggest that Des raises his left shoulder (the one that's holding the…weapon? So that his shoulders aren't so evenly set.

  • I like the second cover, but it looks as if Veloce is the antagonist, not Des. So I really don't know! But I'm looking forward to the 3rd book! (Just so I can buy it with the second book as a bundle, yey~)

  • To be honest, I rather like the first pic with just Des on it. To me it sort of "fits" with the current events/arc of the comic, and Des could be seen as an antagonist in a way. Those dock pictures, keep making them! It'll keep the icky, cold winter away ;-;!