September 27, 2012 1:47 AM

Found this song thru Naguri

Starlight keeper ~ vocaloid Oliver! I didn’t know there was an English vocaloid, but it doesn’t matter I just pretend he’s talking gibberish anyway, songs are always better this way LOL


  • Celes

    Actually there are quite a few of english vocaloids, Alas way less known that their Japanese counterparts lol sob, look for uhh Sweet Ann, Big Al, Miriam, Prima, Tonio just to name a few ; v;. Also, for Spanish there are Bruno and Clara, for Korean there's SeeU, and a recently released Chinese one named Luo TianYi, A sample! *q*

    They all have some bits of clearity problems tho ;;b

  • piano

    indeed songs are better this way :b

  • …it sounds weird somehow, heh~

    • There's a ton of little problems with it that I wish wasn't there, but I figured I just wanted to like the song as a whole instead of try to be cool and pick at them XD