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book 3 cover in pieces

A photo my uncle sent me of the printing progress, along with other huge sheets of mosaic of pages hahahah EVERYTHING LOOKS SO WEIRD FLATTENED. I wish I could be there right now so I can actually see what the printed contrast is like and ask for any value adjustments cus that’s one thing my uncle won’t really be able to tell, though he’s got such amazingly sharp eyes for not having done anything remotely close to art or printing before, but I’m just being greedy and want everything i can get my hands on. Maybe in the future I can coordinate multiple books per year, print them together to make visiting China worthwhile… and make my parents happy cus they’re always liek omg shilin you can’t remember your roots q______q

anyway I asked for some copies to be airmailed to me while the rest of them will be shipped by sea, so I will have my hands on the volumes in about 2 weeks!!