October 12, 2012 6:46 PM

I’ve been listening to this for a few days. I really like the song and although I was pretty adverse to the crazy echoey bass or subwoofer or whatever it is LOL… I got used to it and it’s just great ;-; It only has one 4-bar phrase but the composer added ONE CHORD for the fast section and suddenly the rhythm group is distinctly different and I was just like whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I’m really bad with rhythm I’m not sure why, I’ve been learning to play this piece but I just couldn’t get the right drive in my mind just because I can’t make beats on a piano ;-; anyway why am I unable to shut up IT’S A GOOD SONG IT GIVES ME FEELS and inspires many a vision my head, one of which I drew
veloce’s life is a literal perpetual battle, I imagine her constantly wishing for the end so she can rest and have some peace, not even in the I want to escape everything sense, but real closure and finale since she sees everything she has to do as obligations. Even if she’s incapacitated, it’s only a moment before she has to get back up and go back to where she left off.

In other news I started taking this 7-day treatment for h pylori and man these antibiotics are scary. I wonder if I should’ve been prescribed a lighter dose because of how small I am; an hour or so after I take the meds my heart would beat faster than normal and I’d feel as if my body is fighting a virus, and it’d last a few hours before it’s diluted enough and my body would calm down. It also makes me really hungry for some reason LOL… I expected to lose appetite since it’s killing everything in my stomach, but now half the day I’m starving. I really hope this is a good sign and that it would help me finally be able to gain weight, or just don’t k/o me before the meds are done ;__;

going to enjoy another few days before returning to finishing the few commissions I promised for friends so I can move on.

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