break and stuff

October 15, 2012 12:08 AM

I was going for a continuation of the last scrap where the battle is over and the soldiers on veloce’s side are doing some damage control, but I was drawing the pic in an attempt to finish it really quick in order to make a slow video, so I didn’t really get down stuff I wanted to add to it. In here she’s kind of a leader who’s a slave to people who depend on her; I was going to draw a soldier reporting to vel or something instead of her staring at nothing to convey her role in the battle, but I’m so bad at picking the right angle and line of vision that would fit everything nicely without taking hours changing my mind, so I ended up not doing it Q_______Q. IT’S ALSO LIKE ENTIRELY PURPLE LOL I use magenta/purple shades sooooooo much nowadays I need to fix myself, but as a break I just didn’t care anymore and just did whatever ]:

I really want to finish these pictures in all honesty, even though most of them are not print friendly, and make a sort of themed artbook (war? or like that journey shit I did idk… most of my imagination that’s mostly canon but disjunct from the storyline have something to do with wars in Maelstrom) with illustrations of different facets of it that doesn’t necessary convey a continuous story. maybe I can make it a pet project cus it’ll probably be boring to people unlike an artbook of beautiful pictures and popular subjects, and I actually have to put effort into making everything coherent or even write meaningful blurbs to go along the theme LOL. IT ALREADY SOUNDS LIKE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN just like other stories I try to develop in the past alongside CP. Variety is so important in business but I guess I’m just too OCD for it ):

In any case here’s the video I made with it; it’s only 2x speed so for those who are interested, you can actually see what I’m doing unlike the 25x speed videos I post HAHA

And duck from dinner with Jenny tonight since she’s leaving tomorrow ;; I’m not even sure if it was duck because that was a giant block of boneless meat and it had turkey-like tendon strings


  • Helios

    Yeah, random scribbles! I saw part of the video the other day…was letting it load and when I came back it was all over orz

    How about a scarp artbook? Err, like a collection of unfinished pieces or just sketches? I've seen some artists sell small runs of those kind of books at cons.

    • usually book printing and small run are kind of against each other, because the fewer books you print, the (exponentially) higher the cost of printing becomes. So when it comes to printing books, it's really either I take my time and make it very good, so I can print lots and have the cost be reasonable (and subsequently lots of people will buy it for quality and price), or I take not much time and turn out something mediocre/bad, print very few so the cost per book could be be something like $6-10, and won't be able to do much with it because of high price and low quality.

    • Helios

      Hm, very true. Not sure how those other artists committed to a short run for sketches, but I don't know how popular it was or if sales continued online post-con.

      I guess this project can wait then. You're very efficient with CP books and there's nothing wrong with powering on with that baby.

  • Kidami-chan

    Well, I don't find any problem with this picture… Um, I had a question of sort. I want to improve my skills, without going to an art class (I have no money for that; 'sides that I try to draw daily, and a lot). Any advices from the Great Master (aka you)? :D

    • pay attention to how things look, don't try to guess; if you have ANY doubts at all you should consult a reference. That coupled with extensive practice will help you build up a good library of what you can draw, and of course you should also read on all the theories like colours, comp, anatomy, perspective etc

    • Kidami-chan

      Oh geez. Thank you. Will follow these advices for sure. (*manly scream*)

  • As someone who likes purple, I think the increased purple palette is a good thing :B! In all seriousness, maybe with a little polishing, you could add these scrap images to bonus pages for CP part 4?