November 6, 2012 3:11 PM

I suck at keeping drawings secret, so I suppose the halfway compromise for myself is to post ridiculously small previews. I’ve been working on illustrations for the ~next artbook~ that I have no idea how I’m going to put together. At the rate I’m going, it’s just going to be 90% blackbird/veloce :I but I just can’t be assed to fix that ratio because I don’t feel like drawing anyone else LOL FUCK EVERYONE ELSE Q___Q so I’ll just find some common ground theme/whatever when I have nearly enough art to make a new book.



In other news, Carciphona 3 is available for preorder now!! I’ve prepared a bunch of other stuff for holiday purposes too, please go take a look or share this news with your friends ^^ I put in more effort than usual to come up with fun and exciting stuff for this preorder with the extra pages vote challenge, and I’m honestly very surprised that CP went up to #18 so far on TWC already. I expected a spike in votes and a quick decline because I figured people would generally forget to come back to keep voting. It’s been years and years since I’ve been above #20 on TWC, and that was because back then there weren’t NEARLY as many webcomics out there, good and bad. It kind of made me regret not keeping up with CP during my college days, but I know if I did, the story would’ve been fucking terrible right now because I would not have had as much time to develop it before drawing it out. I CAN’T HAVE EVERYTHING I GUESS…. I hope a better story was more worth my time than keeping my fanbase alive over the years.

In any case, check this DA journal for full details!


  • Haley

    so the full drawings of these previews will be in your next art book right?
    ohoho just checking

  • Khroma

    -random suggestion-
    maybe you could just keep drawing Blackbird and Veloce,
    until you feel like drawing other people. :O

  • *90% BB/Vel is cool with me (:
    *The way you like to draw them, it's difficult to get enough!
    *As for the other 10%: maybe some exclusive info on the beasties.
    *I went to MangaMagazine, but do I need to register as well, or is reading your manga there good enough? Well I'll likely register regardless.
    *I'm looking at the CP site through Chromium, and the News shows up as a super small rectangle in the top left corner of the black popup. I haven't tried viewing in GooChrome yet, but is it supposed to be that way?

    • My manga is actually not free to read on haha! but I appreciate your visit there regardless because it helps my stats :D

      The news box is supposed to be at least 700 or 800pixels wide so it's probably your browser's problem. I've never heard of Chromium but it works fine on firefox, chrome and opera, so maybe try those?

  • Ofukuro

    I'm totally okay with that ratio~