I drew something

February 16, 2013 4:06 PM

I was going for a brushy black and white line drawing of my gf, then I spontaneously forgot about the brush part and decided to try out Sakimichan’s brushes instead for simple colours. they’re sooooo goooood OUO I tried to make it look like her as much as possible but I’m pretty bad at noticing people’s distinct features so it’s not as close as I’d like it to be )’: I feel like drawing a matching version of myself but I have no idea how to make myself look interesting in this style

I’ve been doing some commissions too and they’re all NDA so I can’t show them ): here’s a ridiculous and unrecognizable booty crop because of reasons


And here’s a song that I loved a long time ago that I forgot about and came across this week c:


  • It looks brilliant though, I love it!

    I still say you should try to colour your more comic-y works more often, don't just keep it for your paintings because you're honestly very good at it.

  • Helios

    Swirling demon spirits! She is quite skilled at keeping them away from her person.

  • So that's the pretty girl that stole Shilin's heart. :3

  • i wish you would check your videos before sharing them becuz the moment i pressed play i had to watch Nicolas Cage's face y do u always do this to me

  • The swirly bits of black sort of remind me of the ink splatter effects from Street Fighter IV, very cool! As for drawing yourself, why not you sketching? Good luck with all your commission work.