March 15, 2013 5:45 PM

trying out colourizing from a grayscale sketch again, I failed all my previous attempts and even this time it feels weird ;-; but I guess at least all the values are correct maybe?? I WILL SAVE THIS METHOD FOR IMPORTANT DRAWINGS WHERE PEOPLE WILL SEE MY VALUE PROBLEMS.


I drew her jacket wrong but w/e it’s a experiment/guilt sketch wehhh. I hope I have time to draw more but I don’t think I’ll have time ): I’ve only done 6 pages for book 4 so far because the first 7 are all in colour q______q here are some crops from those pages. Need to do at least 10 more in the next 2 weeks to post next month, which is easy except I have other stuff to work on oops



Lastly I’VE BEEN TRYING TO GROW MY OWN GREEN ONIONS. The first day I excitedly planted them in water and put them in front of the window, and then they got fried the SECOND DAY LOL. Good thing they’re resilient and easy to grow and came back to life……… I didn’t know I would fail that bad and I was so depressed |: but I did my first cutting today after a week and they taste good! I’m conflicted because I prefer the white parts more than the leaves, or at least have it be a mix of both, but I can’t eat the white part if I want to grow it WHAT DO


Ending with epic snow plowing from that crazy storm a few weeks ago


  • hmm… i haven't snow that bad since like 4 years ago. and here i thought it was cold enough as it is. You have it rough Shilin *pat pat*

    (Out of Topic: You've been on my mind since that long wall post, and I've shared it with several friends to hear their advices. Can't say any of us have anything substantial to return to you. How have your life been since then, has anything gotten better since?)

  • snailmz

    omg you like the white parts only too?! hahaha! i thought i was the only one xD. and random comment is random: misoa ftw

  • Ooh, I grow green onions too. When I moved in to my apartment, the balcony had a plant runner constructed alongside the balcony ledge so I had a mini vegetable garden going. A grew a bunch of things, but the green onions keep coming back! I tried to pull them out for winter, but I still keep getting new crops of green onion. :)

    Green onion, basil, shiso… they don't go away. Lol.

  • That food looks so good ;__; <3!